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Somerset House by London Fashion Week

This week, the focus is on emerging talent. Read on for our exclusive interviews with some of the cutting-edge designers making their Exhibition debut this February.

And of course, don't forget these must-visits:

-    The 17 BFC NEWGEN sponsored by Topshop recipients will all be based in the Terrace Rooms

-    BFC/ELLE Talent Launch Pad winners are in the Embankment Galleries on L2

-    The Navy Board Rooms collective returns for a second season with previous NEWGEN winners such as Mark Fast and Michael Lewis, so you can see how their collections have developed.

Directions to Somerset House

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New designers talk us through their brands and autumn/winter 2011 collections...


Design background: Harriet Barford and Polly Wilkinson studied at the University of Brighton. Harriet worked at Fleet Bigwood and Polly worked at John Rocha before founding their label.

Career highlight:
"Winning 'Best of British' at Liberty of London (February 2010)."

Design signatures:
"Elegant, minimal, jersey shapes for women. We specialise in hand silk-screen techniques."
Trademark piece:
"The grey, rain-laddered maxi dress."



Design background: Sarah graduated from Middlesex University in 2009 and has been working as a designer and consultant for both London-based and International houses for the past 4 years.

Design signatures:
"Distinctive and timeless pieces that interplay between opposite elements but always with an intelligent twist. The clothes are sensual, feminine and powerfully elegant."

Trademark piece:
"Clean lines balanced with delicate drapery."

Name three things that are inspiring you for autumn/winter 2011:
"The mystery of time, Ghiberti's Bronze Doors and the fusion of contrasting textures and shapes"



Design background: Shao studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

Career highlight:
"Being selected as one of the six most promising fashion designers of 2010 by AnOther magazine (August 2010) and curating a window display at Selfridges (February 2011)."

Design signatures:
"Experimental textiles and sculptural silhouettes."

Trademark piece:
"The white knitted dress with nylon fluff."

Name three things that are inspiring you for autumn/winter 2011:
"Goddesses, biker wear and decorations."



Background: Design duo Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones studied at Ravensbourne College of Design and Central Saint Martins respectively. They worked with Warren Noronha, Luella Bartley and John Richmond before setting up Teatum Jones.

Design signatures:
"Effortless chic meets a contemporary elegance, achieving the perfect balance between masculine and feminine."

Name three things that are inspiring you for autumn/winter 2011:
"The private collections of Elsie Knocker and Mairi Chisholm at the Imperial War Museum; utilitarian elegance; aerial warfare photography by Ernest Brooks during World War I."



Design background: Tze studied at Parsons School of Design in New York and Paris. He completed his MA in Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins, graduating in 2010. He worked for various designers, including Jens Laugesen, before setting up his own label.

Design signatures:
"Modern precision with a sensual design aesthetic; a mix of innovative materials and focused silhouettes."

Trademark piece:
"Probably a sculpted T-shirt."

Name three things that are inspiring you for autumn winter 2011:
"Japanese simplicity, natural elements and Porsche Cars."



Design signatures: "Architecturally inspired modern elegance with a hint of detail."

How would you describe your ideal client?
"Someone with their own confidence and style. They have no regard for what others say."

Trademark piece:
"The Scaffold ring (pictured) best encapsulates my aesthetic and inspiration direction."

What is your brand philosophy?
"Wearable pieces with a sense of the unique. We aim to stay true to what we work for and believe in."

Name three things that are inspiring you for autumn/winter 2011:
"Structure, material and bling-bling."



Design background: Sarah studied at Loughborough University School of Art and Design, followed by the Royal College of Art. She worked with Hussein Chalayan, Selfridges and Swarovski, amongst others, before starting out on her own.

Design signatures:
"Graphic shapes, industrial processes and innovative material combinations."

Name three things that are inspiring you for autumn/winter 2011:
"The London skyline, geometry and mathematical graduation."



Designer name: Jenny Wing Chan

Hong Kong

Design background:
Jenny studied in Hong Kong and then in Paris at Studio Bercot. She used to be a womenswear designer at Lacoste.

Design signatures:
"Timeless, statement jewellery in geometric forms with a touch of femininity."

Name three things that are inspiring you for autumn/winter 2011:
"Black metal, pleats and enveloping."



Design background: Joanne graduated in 2009 from Cordwainers (London College of Fashion) with a Masters in footwear. She studied for her BA in Fashion and Textile Design at Northumbria University, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Before founding her shoe label, Joanne trained with Paul Thomas as a bespoke shoe designer, handcrafting footwear. She also has experience as an architectural model maker for MJL Construction and Engineering, as well as work in London and New York as a surface textile designer in embroidery, print and embellishment.

Career highlight:
"Winning the First Into Fashion competition with mentoring from Jimmy Choo."

Name three things that are inspiring you for autumn/winter 2011:
"The architectural works of William Van Alen, Erté's art and Art Deco furnishings."



Design background: Italian designer Thomas Bambagioni
has worked previously with Manish Arora and accessory designers Pauric Sweeney and Braccialini.

Design signatures:
"Intricate construction techniques, strong lines and imaginative material mixes."

How would you describe your ideal client?
"Followers of the theory that pop culture is an artistic medium in its own right."

Trademark piece:
The clutch



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