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Sir Paul McCartney’s order SCABAL

Paul Mc CartneySir Paul McCartney’s order

The London master tailor Henry Rose, known as the “tailor to the stars”, recently had the pleasure of welcoming Sir Paul McCartney.

The British icon chose fabrics from the New Deluxe (500901) and Capri (501085 - 501087 - 501092 - 501096 - 501114) ranges choosing different shades such as a light, medium and dark blue, a red and a light grey.

Musician, singer and songwriter, Sir Paul McCartney also works for a great many charitable causes regularly supporting campaigns and foundations such as The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, The OneVoice Movement, Musicothérapie Nordoff-Robbins, the David Lynch Foundation and many more.
Once again we are very honoured by the confidence that this illustrious personality has in Scabal fabrics!

Scabal Fresh collection


Mr. Cool loves traditional values but believes in updating them to guarantee a contemporary lifestyle. It comes as no surprise therefore that he is a a great admirer of the technical advances made in fabric n°801988.

The FRESH collection that was created in England is well named as it benefits from an advanced finishing process that makes the 100% wool cloth actually feel cooler when worn.

Available in 22 different patterns, many of them traditional checks, now in bright shades like turquoise and red, this 230g quality will look and feel splendid under a hot summer sun.

Casual summertime accessories

Whether at home or on the road, Mr. Voyager appreciates the practical advantages of the accessories he has chosen – to suit his own image and tastes. They are the embodiment of a gentleman with “savoir-faire” and a businessman who knows how to enjoy the finer things in life.

Using, as always, the best yarns and fabrics in elegant colours, WEEKEND is a full coordinated collection that includes softly tailored jackets, chinos, jeans, cotton shirts, fine knitwear and a trenchcoat. The wide range of leather accessories, made in Italy, provide the essential extras to complement a business and casual wardrobe.

Scabal accessories

Haxby Collective

Haxby collective

Luxury menswear brand Haxby Collective has elevated belt-making to an art form by using Swiss watch techniques and craftsmanship to create its line of belts with buckles encased in sapphire crystal.

Haxby's partnership with Scabal raises the bar even further by incorporating Scabal's Treasure Box fabrics interwoven with 24-carat gold or platinum thread.

This pairing turns everyday accessories into a unique statement where modern precision, luxury and Savile Row heritage combine in perfect harmony.

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