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Sir Paul Mc Cartney wears Scabal
here does one start to describe Paul McCartney (°1942)? Does one need to describe this Beatles legend?
Since the end of the fifties Sir McCartney has been writing many
hits, breaking records, working with the biggest on earth and more.
Scabal is proud and honoured that he has recently ordered bright, Super 100's fabrics from Scabal's New Deluxe bunch: 500914, 500896, 500892.
Paul McCartney
EOS Wool and Silk

Scabal EOS
Two years after the launch of the first Eos collection, Scabal is
rereleasing this luxurious fabric with twenty new and exclusive designs
presented in a stylish boxed set.
Eos, the Greek goddess of the dawn and mother of the wind gods, is
often depicted as a winged figure. She symbolizes elegance and grace,
making her a natural choice for Scabal. It has created Eos, a 250-gram
featherlight fabric with all the refinement of silk, in her honour. Eos
is 55% silk and 45% Super 180’s wool. The silk gives it a beautiful
natural sheen, whilst extra-fine Merino wool creates an exceptional
drape and weightlessness. The fabrics in this collection have been serge
woven. The main feature of this weave is its diagonal appearance. A
vertical warp thread runs over and under a horizontal weft thread. The
colour palette is sober, with shades ranging from light grey to black,
including mid-grey, charcoal, sea blue and navy blue. The designs are
elegant, featuring discrete stripes, herringbones, plain and semi-plain
Made with pride in Saarbrucken, Germany
In the last Bespoken magazine four pages are dedicated to the making of Scabal suits.
Discover how the Scabal production specializes in individuality,
not conformity with a high quality standard and at the shortest delivery
time. 200 options available for 5000 fabrics, measurements aside this
already values for 1 million variations, creating a piece like no other.
Scabal MTM Waistband
Scabal Saarbrucken
Scabal fabrics in Sofia, Bulgaria
The fashion house Agressia celebrated its 20th anniversary with a fashion show in the five star hotel "Kempinski Zografski". The space was not big enough for all people who wanted to congratulate the biggest producer of man's garments in Bulgaria.
The event was under the motto: "Remember the forgotten values!”.
That’s why the decor was a retro library, full of comfort and warmth and
the invitations looked like small books. On stage there was a
saxophone player and dancers. The models were both professionals and
amateurs making their first steps on stage.
The collection Spring - Summer 2013 showed 19 models featuring
Scabal fabrics like 801804, 801806, 801784, 801771, 801775, 801777,
801778 from the Riviera bunch or 703293 from the Silver Cloud bunch.
Scabal fabrics used by Agressia
Shop of the Month : Herrchen, Germany
Herrchen is your No. 1 style supporter in Frankfurt and Cologne, Germany.
Entering their stores means enjoying a fresh and Scandinavian
atmosphere. Individual store designs underline their ambition to support
you with all elements of individual clothing and tailored fashion.
They believe in working with people who live and breathe men’s
fashion. Having a tailor on staff and willing to take the time to
educate you and work with you through your fittings is the best and only
way to support you developing your own style. The main point is to
create clothes for you with the one and only perfect fit for your suit,
jacket or shirt. Working with the finest materials in a close
partnership with Scabal gives them possibility to serve every customer
with a wide range of high quality woven fabrics, various materials,
shapes and colors. Receiving qualities and finishing out of the same
hand means to our customers a close and private contact for creating
their individual attire within three weeks.
Several brands for accessories complete your personalized
total-look, French leather goods, Scandinavian ready to wear shirts and
individual Polo-Belts & Bags from the country of Polo, Argentina
completes their range. 
Herrchen Cologne Frankfurt

by Scabal
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