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Seven on Seven Conference by Rhizome

Rhizome is pleased to present the 2014 edition of the Seven on Seven Conference, an annual event that brings figures at the forefront of art and technology together to create innovative ideas in collaboration. Over the course of a single day, seven teams, each comprised of a foremost artist and a leading technologist, are challenged to develop a new idea, concept, or prototype to premiere at the conference. Now in its fifth year, the conference will take place at the New Museum in New York on Saturday May 3, 2014, from 12 p.m.–6 p.m.

The seven teams will work independently at spaces around New York City on Friday May 2 to develop their new idea—be it an application, concept, artwork, product, or whatever they imagine. A keynote presentation by Kate Crawford (Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research) will kick off the conference on Saturday May 3, followed by twenty-minute presentations by each of the seven teams, and then a Q&A conversation with the audience. The conference will conclude with a cocktail reception for attendees and participants in the Sky Room at the New Museum. Rhizome is a longtime affiliate organization in residence at the New Museum, located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

The conference has sold out in New York City for the past four years, and held its first international edition in London in the fall of 2013. The Fifth Anniversary allows us to look back at the themes and products that were created over its history, and the changing nature of interdisciplinary practice.


Rhizome Presents Fifth Anniversary of Seven on Seven Conference on May 3, 2014, at the New Museum.

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