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Security “to go”
One can hardly safeguard precious gems more stylishly and individually than in a safe from Döttling, the Maichingen safe manufactory. Now the Swabian safe specialists have expanded their portfolio – and with it, also the security radius of their products, as it were – with a small but fine detail, in the truest sense of the word: the portable jewelry box integrated into the safe.

The portable jewelry case can be incorporated into various Döttling safe lines. The design of the jewelry box has been adapted to the respective safe and its look. In combination with the Bel-Air-Black, for example, the jewelry box is completely manufactured in black, like the safe, and covered with the finest calf leather. Moreover, as with all Döttling products, there are no limits set on customer wishes in terms of features and materials.

A GPS tracking device is integrated into the jewelry box. If the jewelry box is located inside the respective safe, a docking station provides power to the transmitter. If it is removed from the safe, the GPS signal ensures that the jewelry box can be located precisely around the world at any time. With dimensions of just 21 x 20 x 26.5 cm, the jewelry box is also extremely compact – proof that bright ideas do not necessarily require a lot of space.


Markus Döttling
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