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Schön! loves ... having fun!
Waiting for a call Time is suspended in this Schön! Waiting for a call

Time is suspended in this Schön! online exclusive editorial, with photography by Ronan Gallagher. Lounging about in the utmost rock & roll attire, models  Milly Simmonds and Josh Rowley throw us back into the glamour of Schön! Issue 24, with a contemporary take on the rugged chic look of the 60s and 70s.

Thomas Harvey

Taking the helm of a cult brand can be a daunting prospect. Even more so when the brand in question happens to be one of the oldest and most iconic of British brands, namely Aquascutum. Thomas Harvey, who became head of menswear design for the house last year, is now setting out to re-launch the iconic brand.


Hair takes on new levels of serenity in this Schön! online exclusive hair story by photographer Florian Grill. With effortless looks styled by Peggy Kurka, model Corinna flaunts weightless curls with the help of AVEDA, Fekkai and Kevin Murphy.

Faye West

In an industry which seeks to present itself through innovative and dramatic photo shoots and editorials, the vibrant and vivid fashion illustrations of Faye West provide a delightfully fresh take on the season’s must have designer collections. Her dynamic use of fine pencil lines and fluid watercolour brush strokes perfectly portray the beauty and craftsmanship behind each piece, more than any high resolution camera ever could.

Disco Debutante

In this Schön! Online Exclusive Editorial we embrace disco-inspired pieces and stark contrasts. Styled by Eli Wasserman, and shot by Kat Morgan, this editorial showcases the ethereal beauty of model Ekaterina Sergeeva, with statement pieces by Prada and Louis Vuitton.

Somebody & Co. presents...

Nia Florez Cervantes is making waves in the industry. Already a celebrated fashion producer, art director and stylist, she has taken the helm as CEO of Somebody & Co. – a Columbia-based production company and fashion collective. Somebody & Co. provides services for models, photographers, creators and artists.


In this Schön! Exclusive Online Editorial we jump into the rocky mountains of Iceland. Shot by Ally Lindsay and styled by Anna Maggý, this editorial is full of sharp textured fabrics. With the chiselled beauty of Ólöf Ragna, we delve into the depths of unexplored wilderness, leaving us inebriated with the stunning landscapes of Iceland.

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