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S.E.A. of Luxury brings out of the shadows the entire South East Asia
This year's conference, will look at Asia from two perspectives: as a luxury goods supplier as well as a powerful consumer.
An exciting program will examine the most important issues facing the industry:

> How long before Asian designers become a real
   international force?
> Are male customers for luxury outpacing women in
   the East?
> Can e-luxury match the power of the super store?
> Why do the region's watch and jewelry clients
    care so much about the next generation?
Asia's promise to become the world's next fashion epicentre is certainly on the rise but why?
We asked Suzy: What are the next big waves of Luxury coming from South East Asia?
Her answers may surprise you. Or not. View the link to see an exclusive insight into the agenda.
With an unprecedented array of global speakers from the four corners of the world, IHT Luxury is your opportunity to meet, see and network with the world's fashion elite - don't miss out!

Please use one of these easy options:
1. Visit IHTLuxury.com
2. Email Amber Smart at asmart@iht.com
3. Call Amber on +44 (0)20 7061 3524

by International Herald Tribune
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