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Rose Privée – Eau de Parfum

This  April,  L’Artisan  Parfumeur  launches  a  new  and  irresistibly  modern  Eau  de  Parfum.

Rose Privée is a celebration of  the rare and iconic  May Rose (Rose de Mai). This Eau de Parfum  is  the  result  of  a  singular  collaboration  between  a  master  perfumer,  Bertrand Duchaufour, and his apprentice, Stéphanie Bakouche.
A  floral  fragrance  of  striking  beauty,  Rose  Privée  interprets  the  May  Rose  in  a contemporary  way. This  extraordinary  flower is emblematic of  the  Grasse  hinterland, the epicentre  of  modern perfumery. This particular  rose  is fragile and precious, and thus highly prized  as it  can only be  picked  when  in bloom  during  the month of May.  And so with this fragrance,  L’Artisan  Parfumeur  enters  into  the  very  select  circle  of  brands  using  the  true May Rose.

The  absolute  of  May  Rose  is  the  central  ingredient  of  Rose  Privée,    and  is  married  with carnation,  magnolia  and  lilac,  perfectly  completing  its  complex  facets.  Wrapped  in  an aromatic bouquet of basil and violet leaves, this fragrance unveils a refreshing and dynamic rose which melts into notes of patchouli and hay, evoking the sun of the South of France.

The  fragrance  itself  was  created  in  a  unique  way  with  Master  perfumer  Bertrand Duchaufour  accompanying  his apprentice,  Stéphanie Bakouche,  an in-house junior perfumer, based in Grasse, who has been an  employee of the brand  for  a number of  years. Bertrand shared  his  passion,  knowledge,  and  talent  with  Stéphanie  guiding  her  to  find  the  right proportions, and a memorable ‘hook’ to the fragrance. He shared his savoir-faire, helping her to  be objective regarding  her creation and  to  build  longevity  into  her  fragrance.  Through this Eau de Parfum, L’Artisan Parfumeur illustrates its unique approach to perfume-making, with  a  Master  training  a  new  generation  perfumer,  in  the  great  tradition  of  French craftsmanship.

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