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@Rihanna Goes Futuristic #Tush
There are probably not so prominent, influential and polarizing artist like Rihanna. The 26-year-old Barbadian singer is all ears and eyes if. Onto the concert stage or front pages of the world

Completely free of any convention they presented themselves and their work as they want it. Therefore it is censored by Instagram, considered by contemporaries with rolling eyes and madly loved by their fans. But what makes the phenomenon Rihanna?

We have sent the superstar for the 35th issue of TUSH (available internationally from 18 September 2014) with the photographers Gomillion & Leupold in the Nevada desert, where her ballroom stylist Nadia Rath and the creative team of Factory Downtown so much demanded. What resulted is a fantastic story not of this planet - in the Rihanna presents itself as a force of nature. They must prove anything to anyone and still showing everyone what is going on with her ​​up. Whether you love them, hate them, or is crazy about her screams when one of their songs is played: Ultimately, it brings life into the dreary desert of everyday life.


@Rihanna Goes Futuristic, Rocks Grey Hair in #Tush Fashion

by #Hedi Xandt
Foto: Steven Gomillion & Dennis Leupold @ Factory Downtown Styling: Nadia Rath @ Ballsaal & Factory Downtown 
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