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REVEAL CHRISTMAS WINDOW DISPLAYSFor nearly 150 years, Printemps has been the ultimate shopping destination during the Festive season in Paris. Its enchanting Christmas window displays are a true benchmark – delighting more than 10 million people who pass by the Boulevard Haussmann department store during the festive season.

This year, Printemps partnered with luxury British brand Burberry, to create “The Magical Christmas Journey by Burberry”, a unique partnership that brings together the Christmas spirit and traditions of London and Paris in a celebration of the season.
To launch the festive season, long-awaited by children and adults alike, the opening ceremony will be led by two British Burberry icons, alongside Paolo De Cesare, CEO of Printemps.
“The Magical Christmas Journey by Burberry” in 11 unique interactive window displays
“The Magical Christmas Journey by Burberry“ tells the story of a journey of a little boy and his teddy bear who travel from the Burberry flagship store at 121 Regent Street, London, to the Printemps department store in Paris. The windows celebrate Burberry heritage, innovation, music and British weather and Printemps’ values of Parisian elegance, creativity and a sense of sharing.
“The Magical Christmas Journey by Burberry” will also be brought to life through an illuminated façade, featuring a 4m tall animation of the boy and his teddy bear – a first for Printemps.
From November 2014, and for the first time in Printemps’ history, visitors will be invited to digitally interact with the iconic Printemps festive windows on Boulevard Haussmann. Technology will be woven throughout the store windows enabling an interactive audio-visual experience as customers follow the festive journey.


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