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Printemps presents "The Magical Christmas Journey by Burberry"
When Christmas arrives at Printemps, a world of dreams invades the department store. Animated windows bring young and old into a magical universe, where illuminated facades transcend the winter nights, and
decorated trees, dressed in their finest attire, reveal thousands of gift ideas.
This year, Printemps decided to focus on the dream of a child on Christmas Eve, who goes on an extraordinary journey between London and Paris, two main cities where the most festive event of the year is celebrated with style in the purest tradition. Printemps and Burberry present “ The Magical Christmas Journey by Burberry”.

Imagined as a child’s dream on Christmas Eve, “ The Magical Christmas Journey by Burberry ” is the tale of a young boy and his teddy bear who go on an adventure from their home in London, to Paris, the city of lights.

From the iconic Burberry flagship store at 121 Regent Street in London, the boy and his teddy bear float through the night sky on their umbrella to the Printemps department store on Boulevard Haussmann, in Paris. Along the way they meet different characters and discover a world of dreams where two universes merge: the upside and the downside, the giant and the tiny, the real and the fantastic, the traditional and the innovative… proportion, logic and reality mixed with the magical dreamlike world of Printemps at Christmas.

Poetic and magical, the Printemps façade reflects the magic of Christmas lights and features for the first time an animated character in 3D. Hanging on his umbrella and clutching his teddy bear, the 4m tall boy continues his adventure on the façade where he seems to fly on stars, a ballet of red umbrellas and thousands of light snowflakes. At the center a gift box adorned with an elegant red ribbon explodes with architectural elements from London and Paris including the Printemps Coupole, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the façade of the Burberry flagship store, at 121 Regent Street in London.

This year, the windows of the Boulevard Haussmann department store tell the story of a magical and enchanting journey. The little boy leaves London to celebrate Christmas in Paris dressed in a Burberry trench coat, cashmere scarf, rain boots and walking umbrella. He starts his journey in the twilight of winter and travels through the snowy English countryside, crosses the sea, takes the train and finally arrives in Paris at night. The little boy comes to life in the Printemps windows, surrounded by friends, toy soldiers and musicians.

Because Christmas is also a time to share and experience, the windows will,for the first time, feature an interactive element, allowing audiences to explore the iconic festive scenes of the Printemps windows in a new and innovative way.

A Christmas tree, a festive table, a profusion of gifts, celebrations on the rooftop of Printemps, let the festive season begin!

Christmas continues in the atrium of Printemps Haussmann, featuring the spirit and elements of the little boy’s magical journey. Immersed in an imaginary world between London and Paris, the boy comes to life and flies between the different architectural elements of both cities. At the base of the Christmas trees decorated with twinkling Burberry letters, charms and snowballs, we can see miniature worlds mixed with piles of Burberry gift boxes. A train travels around the tree, delivering gifts from the collection of exclusive pieces created by Burberry for Printemps.

The Christmas 2014 graphic, “The Magical Christmas Journey by Burberry” illustrates the collaboration between Printemps and Burberry. In the twilight of a Parisian winter, dotted with twinkling stars, the Burberry woman, dressed in her iconic red trench coat, observes the legendary ‘Coupole’ of Printemps while in the distance the iconic London skyline is revealed. Not far away, the little boy, forever accompanied by his teddy bear, flies over the snowy Parisian rooftops on his Burberry umbrella.

The illustrator Tom Haugomat
Born in Paris in 1985, Tom Haugomat developed an interest in drawing and its narrative potential. After a year studying art history and archeology, he switched to an artistic education. At the Gobelins school, in Paris, while studying the design and production of animated films, he discovered a passion for the moving image. Tom met the young designer Mangyoku Bruno, and together they created the short films Jean-François (Arte, 2010) and Harmful (Arte, 2013). In 2012, he illustrated his first book “Marche ou Rêve”,published by CMDE. Today Tom has a successful career as an animated films creator and children’s book illustrator.

Burberry brings London icons to Paris with an exclusive collection designed for Printemps that celebrates six British inspired themes across ready-to-wear and accessories.

“English Rose” plays with honey tones, floral motifs and soft textures. The “Punk” brings us black leather and metal studs, and a mini “Punk” character charm. The “Ribbon Knot” theme takes its inspiration from the Burberry Sandringham trench coat belt knot. The “Pillar Box” leads to a range of stylised city skylines of London and Paris in the distinctive glossy red of London’s post boxes. Finally, the “Grenadier“ theme references the renowned hats of Buckingham Palace’s guards.

Pieces inspired by the illustration of “ The Magical Christmas Journey by Burberry” and a Snow Globe featuring the little boy and his bear sailing on an upturned Burberry umbrella, become special gifts and collectors items.

The exclusive Burberry collection for Printemps also offers beauty gifts including the new iconic My Burberry fragrance with a red gabardine hand-tied knot, an Illuminating Crocus fragranced candle and the iconic colours of London make-up box set for nails and face.
Printemps presents "The Magical Christmas Journey by Burberry"

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