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Printemps launches the festivities for its 150th anniversary #HappyBirthday
Printemps, place of celebration

Printemps is still faithful to its original ambition to offer everything new, fresh, and beautiful. At 150 years old, Printemps is in the prime – and splendour – of its life, more determined than ever to remain a key and thrilling part of an international Parisian lifestyle, crazy, bold, inspiring and full of discoveries.
Major program of events: photocall, candy-floss and sweet tasting galore, musical animations, flower cart distributing bouquets of seasonal flowers…
Printemps, treasure of Parisian history
Masterpieces    of  19th  and  20th  century  architecture, Printemps is an integral part of the history of Paris and like the city’s other spectacular monuments, an embodiment of its charisma. The store is once again a destination in its own right, a place visited out of pleasure and curiosity, rewarding not only because of what it offers, but also because of what it is.
Printemps : Animated floral façade
Imagined as the setting for nature renewal, the façade of Printemps Haussmann is adorned with incredible luminous
floral  invasion.  Made  with  no  fewer  than  5,500  flowers  including roses, cherry blossoms and hydrangeas, it moves to the rhythm of a ballet of lights composed of flashes and LED lighting in white, pink and red.

Printemps: Artistic window displays
Printemps has invited 11 artists from France and abroad tointerpret the 11 legendary windows of the department store on Boulevard Haussmann.

Printemps: 400 brands offering 100 exclusive creations
Unique creations for a unique event! Luxury  fashion,  beauty  and  homeware  brands  created exclusive pieces for the 150th anniversary of Printemps all
based on the theme of the flower or variations on the colour pink.

From 20th March to 20th June, Printemps is the place to be, to celebrate and to shop!
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