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Printemps invites you on a journey into the exotic and rare
This season, Printemps invites you to  discover its "Inspirations
d‟Ailleurs” proposing an elegant and ethnic  summer.  Influenced
by the west, east and south of our planet, Printemps presents a
new  perspective  on  the  culture  of  the  greatest  civilisations.
Exotic  luxury  inspires  a  look  with  spice-infused  colours  in  an
opulent mix of silks, rare flowers and vibrant prints.
The  lavish,  dreamlike  window  decorations  were  designed  and
supervised  by  illustrator  and  textile  designer  Frédérique  Vernillet.
Visitors  are  invited  to  follow  the  window  displays,  which  have  been
laid  out  like  an exhibition, and  allow  themselves  to  be  carried off to
imaginary  worlds,  reminiscent  of  an  illustrated  collection  of  fables.
The  sculptures  displayed  in  the  windows  have  been  produced  by
three artists to enhance the beauty of these exotic showcases.
Marianne Guély is a designer  who transforms her favourite material –
paper  –  into  an  haute  couture  fairyland  where  dreams  and  poetry
mingle, where the visual and the casual collide.
Little  K  is  a  multi-faceted  artist:  street  artist,  sculptor  of  cardboard
collected in the street and creator of fiction.
He designs cardboard objects whose aesthetic combines both visual
appeal and the reuse of salvaged material.
Julie  Wilkinson  and  Joyanne  Horscroft  are  The  Makerie  Studio:  a
creative  partnership  in  which  the  two  women  work  together  to
produce unique sculptures using specialist paper and complex details
inspired  by  forgotten  worlds,  rare  engravings  and  the  beauty  of
La Maison du Chocolat
La Maison du Chocolat is spending summer at Printemps Haussmann: in the heart of thestore,
in an exclusive temporary space, from the 16thof May to the 17th of August.
Exclusive products…

To echo  the resounding success of the "2  jours” bag and celebrate its
much-awaited  arrival at Printemps, the  Maison FENDI, has chosen the
store  for  its  world  preview  of  a  version  which  was  presented  in  the
2013-2014 Autumn- Winter fashion show.

This Italian Maison, renowned for the quality of its silks and leathers, is
reinterpreting  two  of  its  most  emblematic  accessories,  exclusively  for

The British brand will be giving one of its iconic bags  –  the "Del Rey”  –
the regal treatment in one of the boulevard Haussmann windows.
As the flagship model for the Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 collection, the
"Del  Rey”  –  available  in  two  sizes  in  a  sumptuous  emerald  green  –
carries  on  Mulberry’s  legacy  and  is  elegance  personified  with  its
refined details and finishing’s.

Three exclusive pop-up stores…

Delphine Delafon
More than just a brand, Delphine Delafon opens up a new channel
for  her  customers'  imaginations.  Depending  on  seasons  and
materials, she offers bags in an infinite variety of forms.

Printemps  Women’s  Store,  Ground  floor,  from  the  27th May  to the 28
The June 2013
Printemps  Men’s  Store  is  extending  an  exclusive  welcome  to  the
Korean  brand  WOOYOUNGMI  with  a  dedicated  pop-up  store  to
enhance the brand's creativity and originality.
The Capritouch studio presents personalised and made-to-measure
sandals at Printemps Haussmann to celebrate the arrival of summer.

Printemps Belle Parfumerie.
Summer perfumes are an invitation to travel.
From Sweden to Turkey, exception is the common point of these new creations
signed by the greatest perfumers.
Printemps  Haussmann  welcomes  the  renowned  perfumer  Francis
Kurkdjian. His new OUD mood collection will be presented in an exclusive
and luxurious pop-up store.

VIP Lounge, Printemps Women’s Store
With the ambition of giving its customers a unique shopping experience,
Printemps Haussmann has brought together a selection of premium services
which are exclusive in French department stores.
VIP reception
Printemps  Haussmann  has  given  over its  rue  Charras  entry  to  a  VIP
reception.  Customers  receive  a  map  of  the  shop,  in  their  own
language.  A  guest  relations  team  (10  languages  spoken)  is  at  their
disposal to help with their shopping experience and make their visit to
Printemps Haussmann a very special event.
Premium Services
A  team  of  10  multilingual  personal  shoppers  (7  languages  spoken),
clothes  designers and  fashion  professionals,  is  entirely  at  customers’
disposal, for no extra charge, to guide them through the departments
and define the choice of wardrobe that perfectly matches their needs  –
be it for a  garden party, gala, wedding or for business.

by Printemps  Haussmann

"Inspirations d'Ailleurs" : Printemps invites you on a journey into the exotic and rare

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