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groupe PrintempsPrintemps and Baccarat have always shared a passion for excellence. Printemps has carried Baccarat products for nearly 150 years, and continues to give pride of place to Baccarat craftsmanship in its catalogues and window displays.

Baccarat, the most illustrious crystal manufacturer in the world, was founded in 1764 in the Lorraine region by authorisation of Louis XV of France. The brand has stood the test of time and remains an international symbol of excellence and elegance.

Today, Printemps brings the 250 years of Baccarat’s history to life in its window displays and within its shop through an exceptional scenography. Emblematic pre-release pieces and those that Baccarat has exclusively created for Printemps will be made available for the occasion.
Together, Printemps and Baccarat also designed a unique pop-up area to celebrate table arts: “ La Table Baccarat ” by BE Alain Ducasse.

Printemps invited the artist Julien Colombier, a French specialist in the design of jungle and tropical forest scenes, to retrace the history of Baccarat through the six Printemps Home window displays. The scenes represent the rooms of an explorer’s home, each featuring an influence from a different destination in the world: Asia, the tropics, India, Russia, Europe and the Middle East.

This is a tribute to Baccarat’s prestigious work, which has been commissioned throughout the world for over two centuries. Baccarat’s iconic creations are brought to life through these exotic floral and animal designs. Pastel drawings against black backgrounds create strong visual impact to transport the visitor to a dreamlike world. Julien Colombier is also the creative force behind the art that decorates the BE Alain Ducasse “ La Table Baccarat ” space. “ La Table Baccarat ” by BE Alain Ducasse also evokes the home of a great explorer through the influences of various destinations. Several styles are blended in this space, where contrasting and overlapping effects narrate an exceptional sensor y voyage through Asia, the Middle East and Russia. The highlight of this showcase reigns majestic over a subdued atmosphere: the transparent and red crystal Zénith chandelier, featuring no fewer than eighty-four points of light. The fusion of clear crystal and 24-carat gold powder created the powerful ruby colour of this piece. This unique work of ar t, shown here to the public for the first time, reflects the opulent colour light fixtures of the Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul which boasts the largest collection of Baccarat chandeliers in the world.

Baccarat celebrates 250 years of perfection and passion with the launch of exclusive and pre-release pieces for Printemps. This collection of emblematic pieces features the signature red colour of the legendary Baccarat brand.

Harcourt Collection for Printemps

A perfect expression of Baccarat expertise, the Harcourt glass was inspired by the ceremonial chalice engraved with the royal monogram that was commissioned by Louis Philippe in 1841. That year, a legend was born. Since then, this icon of excellence and elegance has been adopted by the most powerful leaders of the world, gracing the most prestigious tables and transforming every moment into an unforgettable event.The facets of the Harcourt collection sparkle in the light to turn your own special occasions into exquisitely refined celebrations.

The Harcourt Our Fire candelabra is here again revisited with the same blend of excellence and timelessness. This red version reveals the depth of its mystery through the mystifying, veiled radiance of its play on shadows. The graceful, slender shape of the Eve Harcourt champagne flute asserts its femininity with a red bauble along its stem. This captivating detail intensifies its allure.

The Grand Genre vase is one of the largest ever produced by Baccarat, with a majestic 80 cm of stature. This exceptional piece is a gilded work of art representing the epitome of Baccarat expertise, an ode to beauty and opulence.
The vase collection

The history of styles leading to the present day, the excellence of the Baccarat brand and the exquisite precision of its craftsmanship are all evident in its vases. Reflecting an endless range of techniques, Baccarat vases are absolute jewels consummated by masterly hands, each crystallising the time and place of its creation. These precious pieces bring stately sparkle to a living room, bedroom or office, and add scintillating impact to any evening.

The priceless volumes of the diamond-cut Eye vase intonate a hymn to light, which radiates through its crystal facets in a spiral of brilliance. With its bevelled cuts and endless movement, this piece suggests both power and motion, strength and magnetism. The Roi de la Forêt vase designed by Marcel Wanders resembles a monarch in all his finery. Set on a chrome metal pedestal, the vase is topped with a diamond-tipped motif.

This exercise in style, revealing the exceptional craftsmanship of Baccarat, is an exaltation of beauty reflecting infinite light.

The Vase-O-Rama collection is the result of a collaboration with ECAL (Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne) that takes a new angle on the universal theme of the vase while exploring the many facets of Baccarat expertise. The layered Brick vase combines lacquered wood, stone and metal in harmonious jubilation. The subtle innovation and originality of this piece is the timelessness it reveals through a decidedly contemporary style. The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, received this vase from French President François Hollande during his official visit in February 2014.


Baccarat was the first-ever crystal manufacturer to create chandeliers, illuminating the world and setting the stage for dazzle. The Baccarat lighting collection subliminally embodies the quintessence of its signature: one that reveals the life within objects and sparks the impression of an incomparable experience.

Zénith remains an icon as it continues to develop through special orders and reinterpretations by the greatest international artists and designers. The eclectic, timeless Zénith chandelier fits any taste and style, as its long history reflects. Philippe Starck has revisited this legend, creating Zénith sur la lagune cerf and Zénith sur la lagune perroquet, two brilliantly, profoundly poetic pieces.

Presented in January 2014, the Zénith 12-light candelabra and chandeliers dazzle with clear and red crystal. Like the supreme 84-light chandelier, they illuminate their surroundings with everlasting vividness and unique vibrancy. The radiance of the ruby-red octagonal pendant of each Baccarat chandelier is diffused by the clear crystal through a unique refraction phenomenon. A fusion of transparent crystal and 24-carat gold powder produced the striking vermilion-coloured incandescence.

In 1930, Georges Chevalier, the Artistic Director of Baccarat, created the Louxor ring. Years later, this creation would be the inspiration for the Louxor vase and, in 2014, the lamp of the same name. The Louxor lamp puts light on a pedestal, radiating its rays through crystal facets. Then as now, this timeless icon was destined for glory. With its new red cord, the lamp draws on the Baccarat look to better captivate the eye.

Magnifying the magic of crystal to brighten a gesture, delicately adorn a wrist, illuminate the night with endless glow... With an iconic, elegant “sugar loaf ” shape, the pieces of the Médicis jewellery collection transcend time in an effortlessly modern, classically beautiful contemporary design. Intriguing beauty for a precious, personal revelation of the Baccarat spirit.

Knotted around the neck or worn as a headband, the Baccarat scarf is the most airy talisman of all. Wrapped in history, elevated in beauty and carried on the wind of genius: this silk twill scarf was daintily inspired by the Médicis jewellery collection to be worn day or night like a spun-silk mosaic. Its design is a tribute to historical sketches, revisited in a subtle choice of colours.

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