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Princess Grace of Monaco Rose Garden of @Piaget
Creative visionary and aesthete Yves Piaget has infused the luxury Maison with his passion for the rose, now muse and abundant source of creative inspiration for Piaget. His unconditional love for the  queen  of  flowers  was  rewarded  in  1982  when  the  winning  variety  of  the  International  Rose Competition in Geneva, a beautiful pink rose with 80 serrated petals and an enchanting fragrance, was  named  “Yves  Piaget”.  Established  as  the  undisputed  virtuoso  of  fantasy  roses  crafted  from pink gold and precious stones, Piaget expresses itseternal beauty in a million different ways in the jewels and timepieces imagined by the watchmaker-jeweller. The intensity of the rose is elaborately
embodied in the aesthetic of each new creation. This love and admiration for the rose is shared by  both Mr Piaget and the late Princess Grace of
Monaco, a muse herself to many fashion designers and artists. As an international style icon, the princess is still admired today for her heavenly beauty, and her legendary elegance. Author of "My Book  of  Flowers"  published  in  1980  and  founder  of  the  Garden  Club  of  Monaco,  she  was  a passionate  gardener  recognized  during  her  lifetime  for  her  outstanding  expertise  in  horticulture. Like Mr Piaget, her passion for flowers, and the rose in particular was celebrated in 1956, when a sublime tea rose, feminine and delicate with its silvery pink colour and subtle fragrance, was named "Grace of Monaco" by horticulturist Meilland in honour of her marriage to Prince Rainier III.

Re-opening of the Princess Grace of Monaco Rose Garden Refurbished and Enlarged with the Support of PiagetPatron  of  both  the  rose  and  the  gardens  that  cultivate  it,  Piaget  remains  committed  to  the preservation of this graceful and seductive flower in its natural form. This commitment is reinforced in Piaget’s support of the refurbishment of the Princess Grace of Monaco Rose Garden, originally planted  in  1984  in  honour  of  Prince  Rainier’s  wife. This  idyllic  garden  located  in  Fontvieille,  has been reopened to the public on 15th June 2014 in the  in the presence of LL.AA.SS the Prince and the Princess  de  Monaco,  of  S.A.R.  the  Princess  de  Hanovre,  of  Mister  Piaget  and  Mister  Philippe  Léopold Metzger, after 8 months of work, resulting in the additionof 2,500 new roses thanks to a 1500m2
expansion to accommodate new varieties for the enjoyment of visitors, many of whom travel from all corners of the world to admire these magnificent flowers.

A  day of  celebrations  dedicated to  the captivating  beauty  of the rose will  begin with  prior  to the opening of the Rose Garden ceremony, with the second International Rose Competition of Monaco. For the first edition of this competition initiatedand sponsored by Mr Piaget, the Maison created a trophy in its workshops reflecting the stylistic elements of the Piaget Rose jewellery collection. The award  doubles  up  as a  piece  of fine jewellery  in  rose  gold (30.4g),  set with  a  precious diamond pistil (0.5 ct). When it is not worn as a brooch orpendant, the intricate flower can be clipped onto a stem handcrafted from amaranth wood by a Swiss sculptor and artist. This prized set is presented
to the winner of the contest in a triptych case decorated with rose motifs.

With the reopening of the Rose Princess Grace of Monaco and the crowning of a second winner of the  Monaco  Rose  Competition,  Piaget  expresses  once  again  its  admiration  for  the  rose  in  all  its splendour, with a desire to protect its great, yet ephemeral beauty.

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