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PITTI W n.15
Pitti Immagine W n.15, the project dedicated to women’s fashion collections, held concomitantly with Pitti Immagine Uomo 87, will be staged in Florence from 13-16 January 2015. Inside the Fortezza Da Basso, Pitti W will focus on sophisticated proposals with a striking new layout, uniquely interpreting the wardrobe of today’s woman - with previews, capsule collections, installations and special projects – whilst also integrating perfectly with the Pitti Uomo lifestyle universe.

In line with market trends that require collections to be released earlier and earlier, Pitti W opens play by showcasing, as always, an exclusive selection of international brands which will present absolute premieres of their sophisticated and innovative collections for fall/winter 2015-16.
For the last few seasons, the Fondazione Pitti Discovery has dedicated an area to the new protagonists of the international economic and creative scene, turning the spotlight on the most promising fashion brands with collections whose key elements are research and innovation. In collaboration with the Russian Federation’s Ministry for Trade and Industry, after attending SUPER with #OpenRussianFashion, this edition’s Guest Nation will be Russia, bringing the women’s collections of a selection of talented Russian fashion designers to Pitti W. Plus other menswear collections of Russian brands that will showcase in other sections at Pitti Uomo. Among womenswear brands: Alena Akhmadullina, Biryukov, Cap America, Lovelies by LT, Sorry I Am Not, and among menswear collections: 075, Infundibulum and Pirosmani.
Alternative Set at Pitti W
Continuing at this edition is the Alternative Set project, the program of temporary events and installations at the Fortezza da Basso staged by a select number of brands. Original projects dedicated to presenting – outside the stands – a new concept or a special focus within the collections that will make the atmosphere of the fair even livelier.
The NAMES at PITTI W n.15 include:
2Me, Alto Milano, Ändreä, Anna K, Aragona, Blui, Bonfanti, Caterina Mariani, Clan, Coolbox, Designinverso, D-Side, Eribe’, Es’Givien, Eulalia B, Frends, Gertrude, Gianni Segatta, Giosa Milano, Jeffrey Campbell, Kallistè, Kyme Sunglasses, L’Autre Chose D’Archive, Leghilà, L.Rousseau, Mou, MTF - Maria Turri, Nach Bijoux, Ortys Officina Milano, Pasotti, Puntovita, Red Native, Sara Roka, See Me, Selfiebag, Steve J.,Terre Alte, V°73, Zacarias, Ze Quun.

Pitti W is an event produced with the patronage of the City of Florence
Pitti Immagine is grateful to the Ministry for Economic Development for its important support in producing our trade fairs
Pitti Immagine would like to thank the ICE – Italian Trade Agency for the foreign promotion and internationalization of Italian businesses-  for the support provided to overseas communication and promotional initiatives and for organizing the delegations of international journalists and members of the trade attending the Florence fairs.

Born under the sign of research: the women’s collections at PITTI W n.15PITTI W 15


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