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PITTI UOMO Quick Pictures F.W. 2015-2016

"I was keen to present the business of tie making within a contemporary concept, wearable and effective and especially for it to be easily replicated in any surface area.
For the past 3 years I have demonstrated that it is possible to innovate in the art of tie making, to attract new customers including the younger crowd whilst still preserving an age old French craft.

With this first boutique Maison F has set a precedent which can be easily duplicated."

François-Régis Laporte

PITTI UOMO Quick Pictures F.W. 2015-2016
PITTI UOMO Quick Pictures F.W. 2015-2016
PITTI UOMO Quick Pictures F.W. 2015-2016

Menswear revisited


For the past three years François-Régis Laporte, Maison F creator and tie maker, inspired by trends initiated in the 17th century by Louis XIV has been revisiting and modernising the shape and features of traditional neckwear, an essential in any man’s wardrobe, with the greatest respect for artisanal "savoir-faire". 


In this tradition and in minimalist surroundings now stands a tie bar displaying a decidedly original and unique product offering ranging from iconic short ties (to be tied individually or two together at the same time) to bowties that can be either fastened or tied in a classic knot, to single form ties in a variety of shapes and sizes from cubes to moons to mermaids to cat’s heads and even more “erotic” forms….





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