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Piaget Rose Day
Roses  speak  a  universal  language  that  opens  every  door,
effortlessly crossing borders and continents. At the name of the
rose, hearts beat, botanists marvel and designers’ imaginations
catch fire.

The Maison Piaget has chosen the rose as its emblem and the
means of telling its unique story.

Roses have always been part of Yves Piaget’s life as well as that
of his family company. Like true muses, these delicate blooms
have accompanied and inspired the brand’s creations. As Yves
Piaget loves to recall in his book of memories: "For me, roses
speak of childhood and I well remember my first thrill of love
for the wild flowers known as sweet briar or Eglantine roses,
growing in complete freedom at an altitude of 1,100 metres”.
From the 1960s onwards, his cherished rose motif enriched the
Piaget watch and jewellery collections with its diamond-set gold
petals.  His  taste  for  roses  was  further  affirmed  in  1976  when
he became a member of the jury for the Geneva International
Competition of New Roses, and presented the winner with
a gold rose crafted in the Piaget workshops.

His passion for these astonishing flowers was rewarded in 1982
when the winner of the competition, created by the famous rose
breeder Meilland, was christened the "Yves Piaget rose”.

A legend was born!
A unique event for a unique rose
In tribute to this rose and to the jewellery collection inspired by
it, the first "Piaget Rose Day” will take place on June 13th 2013.
It will be celebrated throughout the world and is destined to
become the brand’s annual rendez-vous. A nod to springtime,
an ode to the rose.

On this occasion, various activities and events will be organised
and staged in Piaget boutiques worldwide or in other magical

This special day in honour of this distinctive rose will provide an
opportunity to discover the collections it has inspired. Sculpted,
openwork,  lacework  roses;  whether  moving,  exquisite,  gentle,
childlike  or  glamorous,  the  brand’s  iconic  jewellery  creations
never fail to appeal, charm and entrance.

As of May 16th, Piaget is launching a competition on its Facebook
page. An app will be installed, inviting fans of the brand to post
messages on the theme of the rose dedicated to their loved ones.
The  winner  will  be  the  visitor  who  posts  the  most  beautiful

Once  posted,  the  message  will  be  transformed  into  a  rose
before  finding  its  place  on  a  world  map  serving  to  identify
the geographical origin of each testimony. Fans will be able at
any time to read the messages posted and to appreciate their
content. Piaget will reward the winner by inviting him or her to
its ateliers in Geneva, where a unique experience awaits, based
on the theme of exploring the Rose through all five senses –
a prospect sure to thrill the brand’s most ardent admirers.
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