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"Philipp Plein - On Air"
Tonight, 21 June 2014 Theophilus London, world renowned American rapper, will perform at the fashion show and afterparty for the PHILIPP PLEIN men’s spring/summer 2015 collection at Milan’s Caimi swimming pool in Via Carlo Botta 18, restored especially for the event. A special guest will be ITALIA INDEPENDENT, providing a selection of their most iconic and representative eyewear creations exclusively for the fashion show.

Inspired by the water world, the Navy, and exotic destinations, this collection is designed for an adventurous and ironic man, who is keen on details. Outerwear is often embellished with hand stitched metal wire patches, depicting classic marine elements such as anchors recalling the world of sailors and captains,  but reinterpreted in the edgy and ironic PHILIPP PLEIN mood.

"Philipp Plein - On Air"News of the season: the color block suits in blue, red and optical white in addition to precious sandals covered by  studs.  Double-breasted  blazers  and  bomber  jackets  come  to  life in exaggerated  prints  inspired  by  the underwater world and exotic flora and fauna sportingcartoon sharks, toucans and bougainvillea. Denim-wear  features  sharp  cuts  and  refined  craftsmanship.  The  skinny  denim  pants  are  highly  distressed complete with skin revealing slips. An iconic piece, destined to become the IT item of the season.

Strong attention is paid to accessories and materials, including exotic leathers such as laminated python and alligator with a unique matte carbon effect. Tote bags are in printed canvas combined with Saffiano leather and iconic ABS studs.

The  result  is  a  polished  collection  loaded  with  denim  and  prints  comprising  state  of  the  art  materials  and treatments, designed for a PHILIPP PLEIN water worldcaptain. On plein.com there is a special section where users  and followers can access a series of images, videos and other exclusive contents realized behind the scenes and uploaded in real-time. "Philipp Plein - On Air" will be accessible  at  the  following  link  world.philipp-plein.com/on-air  and  through  the  hashtag  #pponair  on  all the brand's social channels.

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