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Patrimônio Traditionnelle 14 dias-Tourbillon
- O Calibre 2260 novos, desenvolvidos e criados pela
Vacheron Constantin
- A reserva de marcha de 14 dias
- Um turbilhão excepcional em uma caixa redonda
- O primeiro relógio Vacheron Constantin para ser aprovado de acordo com o novo
Selo de Genebra critérios

Um turbilhão excepcional e a pureza absoluta de uma rodada, discreto caso de
habitação sem complicação, ostentando performances sem precedentes. O novo
Vacheron Constantin Calibre 2260 chegou
batendo no coração do Patrimônio Traditionnelle 14 dias-Tourbillon é
simplesmente inigualável.
Tudo o que se combina para tornar um item de colecionador é predestinado.
A arte pura da relojoaria ...
Oferecendo uma demonstração impressionante de novos a principal complicação
relojoeira representada pelo
turbilhão, a Manufatura Vacheron Constantin optou por uma impressionante
exibição de suas habilidades e
know-how. O conteúdo altamente técnico com foco no que é essencial - ou seja,
desempenho a estética do
recurso - é vestido com um exterior puro e discreto projetado para destacar
esta combinação. O novo
Patrimônio Traditionnelle 14 dias-Tourbillon é a encarnação suprema da arte da
relojoaria - com
status que é ainda mais acentuada pelo fato de que ele atende aos novos
Hallmark requisitos de Genebra
que já não estão confinados ao movimento por si só, mas também ter em conta o
relógio terminado.
A partir de 2012, a certificação já não diz respeito ao movimento por si só,
mas sim o relógio como um todo. Todas as características técnicas, por exemplo,
a resistência à água ou reserva de potência são devidamente cruzadas
verificadas e testadas periodicamente pela Hallmark, autoridades de Genebra.

Patrimony Traditionnelle 14-day Tourbillon 

The pure art of watchmaking in keeping with the new criteria
of the Hallmark of Geneva 
- The new Calibre 2260 developed and crafted by Vacheron Constantin
- A 14-day power reserve
- An exceptional tourbillon in a round case 
- The first Vacheron Constantin timepiece to be approved
according to the new
Hallmark of Geneva criteria
An exceptional tourbillon and the absolute purity of a
round, understated case housing a
complication boasting unprecedented performances: the new
Vacheron Constantin Calibre 2260
beating at the heart of the Patrimony Traditionnelle 14-day
Tourbillon is simply unequalled.
Moreover, the latest newcomer to the Patrimony
Traditionnelle line is the first Vacheron
Constantin watch to be approved according to the new
Hallmark of Geneva criteria.
All of which combines to make it a predestined collector’s
The pure art of watchmaking…
In offering a stunning new demonstration of the major
horological complication represented by the
tourbillon, the Manufacture Vacheron Constantin has opted
for an impressive display of its skills and
knowhow. The highly technical content focusing on essentials
– namely performance and aesthetic
appeal – is clothed in a pure, understated exterior designed
to highlight this combination. The new
Patrimony Traditionnelle 14-day Tourbillon is the ultimate
embodiment of the watchmaking art – a
status that is further accentuated by the fact that it meets
the new Hallmark of Geneva requirements
which are no longer confined to the movement alone, but also
take account of the finished watch. This
extension of its scope represents a major evolution for a
label of quality that is celebrating its 125th
anniversary this year and has clearly decided to respond
more clearly than ever to the expectations of
an increasingly well-informed clientele.
Vacheron Constantin has long since established its expertise
in the field of tourbillon movements.
Often associated with another horological complication, the
tourbillon produced by the Geneva-based
Manufacture reveal remarkable expertise and undeniable
audacity. Building on this experience, the
Maison has chosen to explore a new path by developing a
tourbillon calibre as pure as the case
housing it, while displaying performances unequalled in the
realm of this complication. The Vacheron
Constantin movement design engineers and watchmakers thus
cooperated in developing a new
mechanical hand-wound tourbillon movement – Calibre 2260 –
endowed with an exceptional 14-day power reserve.

In order to provide a full 14-day power reserve, the new
Vacheron Constantin Calibre 2260 is
equipped with four barrels mounted in coupled pairs. They
are all connected and all unwind
simultaneously, but naturally four times slower than a
single barrel. The four barrel-springs amount to
a total length of around 2.20 metres and each enables
approximately 13 development rotations, all in a
calibre whose diameter is of only 12 ¾ lignes (29.10mm)! Other
than the practical aspect of this power
reserve, these barrels guarantee a longer stability in
The architecture of this new Calibre 2260 features,
comprising 231 components, two large bridges
(instead of the three appearing on the previous Vacheron
Constantin tourbillons). The large surfaces
thus available serve to highlight the lavish  finish of this movement, including the Côtes
de Genève
that are thus given full scope for expression. Having two
extra bridges serves to enhance the precision
in terms of assembly, but represents an additional
difficulty for the watchmaker who thus has less easy
access to the movement. The tourbillon carriage is inspired
by the brand’s signature Maltese Cross and
provides a splendid showcase for the exceptional level of
finishing of each movement part, including a
number of interior angles, all naturally hand-bevelled. The
rounding off of the tourbillon bar alone
takes over 11 hours of manual craftsmanship to achieve an
optimal effect.
In addition to the tourbillon combined with small seconds at
6 o’clock, Vacheron Constantin Calibre
2260 also drives the slightly off-centred hour and minute
functions, as well as a 14-day power-reserve
display appearing on a 280° segment for improved
readability. The 12 o’clock positioning of the
latter indicator on a silver-toned opaline dial, as well as
the external minute circle, are inspired by
several pocket-watches stemming from the rich heritage of
Vacheron Constantin.
The new Patrimony Traditionnelle 14-day Tourbillon
faithfully reflects the design codes that have
forged the reputation of this line imbued with a sense of
purism and rigorously high standards. A
slender bezel, a case middle with a fluted base, a
screw-down case-back fitted with a sapphire crystal,
facetted hour-markers (double at 12 o’clock), 5N pink gold
dauphine hands and an historically
inspired opaline silver-toned dial adorned with a variety of
finishes: all these refined elements
contribute to the unmistakable identity of this restrained
and technical collection and serve as a
reminder that tradition and modernity quite naturally rub
shoulders at Vacheron Constantin. 



Patrimony Traditionnelle 14-day Tourbillon
Stamped with the Hallmark of Geneva
2260, developed and crafted by Vacheron Constantin
Mechanical hand-wound
Movement diameter
29.10 mm (12 ¾ lignes)
Movement thickness
6.80 mm
Number of parts
2.5Hz (18,000 vibrations per hour)
Indications Hours, minutes and
small seconds at 6 o’clock on the tourbillon
Additional functions
Tourbillon and 14-day power reserve thanks to four barrels
coupled in pairs
Power reserve
Approximately 336 hours (14 days)
18K 5N pink gold
42.00 mm in diameter
12.20 mm thick
Transparent back fitted with a sapphire crystal
Water resistance
Tested at a pressure of 3 bar (approx. 30 metres)
Opaline silver-toned, black-painted indications (minutes,
power reserve) and white-painted internal zones
Brown Mississippiensis alligator leather, large square
scales, hand-
sewn, saddle-finish
Clasp Folding triple-blade clasp in


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