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@Paresa 's ‘Exotic Expeditions’ Discovering Traditional Thai Lifestyles

01 – Paresa - “Heaven of Heavens”

Traditional Thai lifestyle adventures – from deep-sea fishing on a long-tail boat to swimming with elephants and learning about the lives of rice farmers – are new options for adventurousguests at Phuket’s prestigious ‘Millionaire’s Mile’hideaway, Paresa.

An experienced Adventure Executive will be accompanying the guestson exciting and exotic expeditions around Paresa, where they will have the chance to experience local Thai practices.

 ‘Catch, Cook & Dine’by long-tail boat unlocks the secrets of traditional Thai fishing, passed down through generations of living bythe Andaman Sea. Guests can then enjoytheircatchfor dinner, which will be preparedby Paresa's Head Chef,Luca Mancini.

‘Little Amazon Safari’ventures deep into the jungle of neighboring Phang Nga Province, where Paresa’s guests will have the opportunityto swim with elephants and explore majestic mangrove forests borderingthe vastKhao Sok National Park.

 ‘Snorkeling on "Wow" Island’discovers an underwater paradise famed for its turquoise waters, coral reef and marine life just 30 minutes from Paresa.It also offers tourists the perfect opportunity to explore Phuket’s coveted west coast.

Keen hikers can also learn about local history as they stroll along Paresa’s ‘Heritage Phuket Walk’, while ‘Tales of a Rice Farmer’ introduces guests to life at traditional local rice paddies.

The 'Exotic Expeditions around Paresa' concept “complements idyllic relaxation at the resort with an authentic flavour of traditional Phuket lifestyle”, saysGeneral Manager Dawid Koegelenberg.“It’s about combining the lap of luxury with fond memories of unusual experiences beyond the familiar tourist trail.”

With breathtaking views over the Andaman Sea, serene spa pamperingand gastronomic dining at signature restaurant Diavolo, Paresa is renowned as one of Phuket’s most exclusive addresses – an oasis of tranquility and unrivalled luxury just 35-minutes from Phuket International Airport.

The romantic, award-winning hideaway has been named among the world’s Top 10 Places to get married abroad, and ranked among the world’s Top 10 Proposal Destinations. It was also voted Best Relaxation & Spa Hotel by Trip Advisor Traveler’s Choice Awards.

The hilltop retreat boasts stunning 270-degree panoramic views, with friendly, welcoming staff named ‘Angels’ complementing Paresa’s name, which means‘Heaven of all Heavens’in Thai.

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