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ODDA Your World of Fashion is Here #luxo

ODDA 6 Thom BrowneReturning To The Birthplace Of Odda Is A Grounding Experience, One Which Allows Me To Reminisce On The Conception Of The Magazine…What It Is, And Where It Began.

Beginnings are difficult, both professionally and of course, personally; but with ODDA’s progression, there is evidence of deliverance on our end, we can be sure we are creating a magazine which accurately reflects the raw passion involved from start to finish.

ODDA Issue 6 goes behind the scenes with some of the most esteemed ‘Dream-weavers’. We are proud to present interviews with designers that include: Jean Paul Gaultier, Nicola Formichetti, Alexis Martial, sound designer Michel Gaubert, and visionary stylists like George Cortina.

A definite stand out in this issue is our feature with Vivienne Westwood as well as the S/S 14 Louis Vuitton collection by Kim Jones, both highlights of the issue.

Additionally I had the privilege of working with Ben Allen, whose impeccable taste you’ll be privy to in the pages that follow, as we always say… ENJOY

ODDA 6 Atelier Versace ODDA 6 Ton Heukels ODDA 6 Miu Miu

ODDA 6 Thom Browne
















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