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NOT JUST A LABEL...Made in Italy
Donatella Versace
Photography by Miles Aldridge

M A D E    I N    I T A L Y

The 'Made in Italy' label has always implied quality of
craftsmanship, based in tradition. During the following week we aim to
engage with our most exciting talents showcasing during Milan's 'Moda
Donna' events. This week's newsletter is dedidacted to those linking
tradition with innovation..
M O S T   W A N T E D
Luxurious, hand-crafted, unique

This week we picked a hand-crafted ring in enamel and brass; be
at one with nature by wearing the Lethargy Moth Ring  by Milan's
Vernissage. Silk and steel instead have been applied to create the
stunning Polar Square Neck Piece by Chiara Scarpitti. Rustic but
minimal in soft cowhide leather, the Oil Stain Edition Bag by Aus
Dem from Venice. Channel the moon's crater-covered landscape in the
other-worldly Triple Ring by Voodoojewels. Or go for a
hand-finished necklace in oxidised sterling silver and Brazilian Agate:
the Praying Mantis Necklace  by Mario Salvucci.

B E Y O N D   T H E   C A T W A L K
Lissy von Schwarzkopf, PR Director at Karla Otto
B E Y O N D T H E C A T W A L K Lissy von Schwarzkopf, PR Director at Karla Otto
Photography by Amar Daved
With the latest technology allowing anyone to be 'Front
Row' at fashion shows from their own home, these once exclusive events
as we know them are changing. One person who directly deals with this in
her work is Lissy von Schwarzkopf, one of the PR Directors of Karla
Otto in London. Originally established in Milan in 1982, the PR firm
Karla Otto today runs its offices in Paris, Los Angeles, New York and
Hong Kong. Lissy and her team cover the most prominent markets with a
full range of services in the fashion and luxury sectors.
S H O R T F O C U S : Paolo Errico, Milan

S H O R T    F O C U S :
Paolo Errico, Milan

With fashion deeply rooted in his family history, it's
no surprise that Milan-based Paolo Errico has had great success
following the family trade. Errico has previously worked for Calvin
Klein, Versace, Zegna and Cavalli, before launching his own house in
2004. A strong believer in the serious side of creativity, he has made
it his goal to sustain his label without compromising quality or his
design principles.

B L A C K S H E E P D U J O U R Dimitri, Merano
B L A C K   S H E E P   D U   J O U R
Dimitri, Merano

Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos trained at ESMOD,
before going on to earn a master’s degree in Fashion Design at Istituto
Marangoni in Milan. The son of a Greek father and an Italian mother,
Dimitrios displayed an affinity for fashion even as a child. He has been
fascinated by it ever since, and worked for such renowned designers as
Jil Sander, Hugo Boss and Vivienne Westwood before starting out on his
own in 2007. A passion for music, harmony between accurate tailoring and
styling as well as slim feminine silhouettes with a certain something
defines his designs.

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