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NJAL's Online Initiative

hotography by Simone Rizzo and Loris Messina

L I V E    S T R E A M I N G    G R A D U A T E S    O N    N J A L
Over the past week, NJAL commenced its live streaming project
of graduate shows. Starting with the shows from New York’s finest
schools, the Fashion Institute of Technology as well as the Pratt
Institute, this new online initiative means we can open these otherwise
closed events, to the entire world! Re-watch the shows on NJAL, and if
you’re interested in live streaming your graduate show or event this
year, let us know and start engaging with a global market.

M O S T   W A N T E D
Sharp, Solid and Technologic... 

We’ve selected some technologic highlights from our online
shop this week: Marius Petrus’ pixelated bomber jacket  is a
vision of clean lines and graphic prints, as is Skirt No.2  by
Jacob Birge. Accessories also get technical, with Koishi’s mechanical
Tube Ring , and Chiara Scarpitti’s laser cut Apotropaic Eggs
Necklace. Finally, tuck Lucy Jay's Def Valley Pocket Square 
into a plain jacket for a digital flourish.

T H E    D I G I T A L    C H A N N E L
Is Fashion Truly Ready for Digitality?
As we venture further into the midst of our digital age, it's
interesting to examine the changes that are occurring within the fashion
industry. Whilst some luxury labels continue to rebuff e-commerce, the
internet has enabled emerging designers to flourish. We explore how
technology is helping to redesign the fashion industry of the future...

B L A C K    S H E E P    D U    J O U R
Alan Taylor, Dublin

Irish menswar designer Alan Taylor graduated from
the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. Now based in London,
Alan has taken tailoring to a whole new level, with inside out cropped
suits complete with sheer panels and structured draping. His use of
simple fabrics and clever shapes, proves that fine tailoring needn't be


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