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Artist Matthew Day Jackson is a modern day American frontiersman. His interdisciplinary practice is in an all-consuming campaign to chart the outermost limits of human physical experience and to locate the place just beyond those limits where the sublime might reside. Working with a set of signature themes that range from space exploration and war machinery to advanced anatomy, he uses both traditional craft techniques and cutting edge computer mapping to make art that exposes the layered and often dark relationships between technology's abstractions and the palpable effects of time. For Jackson, the measurable and the inexplicable, power and sacrifice, mortality and the infinite are all part of a realm he has dubbed 'the Horriful', where everything we do has the potential to create both horror and beauty. 'The unobtainable distance, no matter how small, is an infinity,' Jackson has said. 'Artists go to that space. It is a space where others cannot or do not want to go, a space which is real and often dangerous, and they report back from there'.
Beginning 6 September 2013, Hauser & Wirth New York will present 'Something Ancient, Something New, Something Stolen, Something Blue', an exhibition devoted to Matthew Day Jackson's latest explorations. Comprising major new paintings, sculptures, and installations, the exhibition will be on view through 19 October at the gallery's downtown venue at 511 West 18th Street. 

Alongside 'Something Ancient, Something New, Something Stolen, Something Blue', videos from Jackson's 'In Search of.....' series will be screened in the Roth Bar at the 18th Street gallery every Saturday for the duration of the exhibition.

by Andrea Schwan
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