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New Product | Crystal Palace | Architectural model kit I Luxury´s desires

@AnotherStudio_ launching a 'Lost Buildings' MONUmini range to celebrate ambitious and remarkable architecture that is no longer standing.

The first architectural model is The Crystal Palace which dates back to 1851, originally constructed in London's Hyde Park for the Great Exhibition. Following the exhibition it was dismantled, adapted and re-erected a few miles away on Sydenham Hill, south London. In 1936 the building was completely destroyed by a fire and today only the foundations remain.

During the development of our miniature version we were amazed at the sheer scale of the building - it was 1848 feet long (that's over five football pitches!). With a relatively low height, we decided to recreate a small section of the building at approximately 1/24th scale. This allowed us to concentrate on the intricate Victorian ironwork and the detailing on the facade.

  The Crystal Palace MONUmini  

The Crystal Palace was designed by Joseph Paxton, the modular structure is an consummate example of Victorian efficiency and invention. Paxton utilised the recent development of cast plate glass and designed the entire structure around the largest available panes of glass (each pane was 10 inches by 49 inches), which were produced by Chance Brothers in Birmingham.

After the exhibition, the building was moved to south London where it continued to be a popular venue for exhibitions and events. In 1936 a small fire started and soon spread and engulfed the entire building. Despite the combined efforts of over 400 firemen the building was destroyed.   

Our MONUmini recreation of the Crystal Palace is formed from stainless steel sheets, which fold and lock together to create the structure. The packaging includes step-by-step assembly instructions and a short building history which is all packed into an attractive envelope making them a great easy-to-post gift.

 The Crystal Palace MONUmini joins our current collecion of models which are available from www.Another-Studio.com

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