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New Forget Me Not cushions

Specializing in colored and graphic prints, Forget Me Not Studio is delighted to present its set of cushions, the must-have accessory in its range of interior decoration products. They come in various sizes, from the smallest to the oversized format, in order to let your creative flair decide.

Each design is inspired by nature with images of constellation, birds, shells and flowers. With her enchanted collage works, designer Coco beckons us to a personal and avant-gardist universe sprinkled by esoteric symbols, surrealist images and poetic patterns and delivers a strong visual identity that will embellish and brighten your decoration.

Each drawing is hand-made, scanned, edited and finally produced in Como, Italy, with textiles such as cotton, crepe de chine and twill. This traditional process combined with a digital production gives Forget Me Not products a distinctive crispness which respects the sharpness of lines and shades.
Art and expertise combined to deliver unique products.

30 x 30 cm
100% Cotton

45 x 45 cm
100% Silk


70 x 70 cm
100% Silk

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