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Neptune Photography Award
Maserati and Photo Shanghai, having jointly initiated the Neptune Photography Award that aims to discover and support the next generation of photographers, are thrilled to announce Nadia Navarro from Argentina as the winner of the award.

Nadia Navarro, along with the other six finalists, was shortlisted at Student Focus of the Sony World Photography Awards targeting photography majors from more than 220 universities. The seven young photographers were given the task to shoot an imaginative series of works under the theme “Crafting the future” to capture uniquely and creatively the movement of hands.

The Neptune Photography Award invited Christian Gobber, Managing Director of Maserati Greater China, Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Liu Heung-shing, Thomas Shao, Chairman of Modern Media Group, Francis Hodgson, FT Photography Critic, and W.M.Hunt, Photography Advisor (Francis and W.M.Hunt are both on the Photo Shanghai Advisory Board) to assemble the judging panel.


NPA Dinner颁奖 Christian Gobber+Nadia Navarro
Maserati and Photo Shanghai announce the winner of the Neptune Photography Award
Christian Gobber (left), Managing Director of Maserati Greater China is awarding Nadia Navarro (right), the winner of the Neptune Photography Award.

NPA Dinner颁奖(从左往右:Bill Hunt ,Nadia Navarro, Francis Hodgson,Christian Gobber, Liu Heung-shing)
Neptune Photography Award winner and judges(From left to right:Bill Hunt, Nadia Navarro (winner), Francis Hodgson, Christian Gobber, Liu Heung-shing)

About Nadia Navarro and “The Power of the Hands” Series

1- Miguel

The Power of the Hands

Photographer: Nadia Navarro

People pass many of their abilities through their hands. That's why I looked for real people at their workplaces to make my series “The Power of the Hands.” Behind the hands of each person, there is always a story to tell.

by #GHC Asia

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