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NATASHA MORGAN eyewear featured in Brooke Candy 'Opulence' video
NATASHA MORGANWhat a perfect day it is to share with you the latest project from STEVEN KLEIN, Nicola Formichetti and Brooke Candy's newest music video 'Opulence'! NATASHA MORGAN eyewear was featured from beginning to end. This is an amazing work of art from the dream team Steven and Nicola, it makes you scream for more! 'Opulence' goes deeper than one may think. It’s about confidence and empowerment and so is NATASHA MORGAN eyewear. It’s not just THE fashion accessory, it is the ONLY one that will change your life. Celebrate your uniqueness with NATASHA MORGAN.

The team Natasha Morgan extend a special thanks to TheRunthrough for building a platform that changes the way stylists source accessories for shoots. Thanks to theRunThrough we have been able to work with some of the biggest magazines, stylists and celebrities in the world. Thank you Steven, Nicola and Brooke and the rest of the team who worked on the 'Opulence' video and Rocked
the Planet with NATASHA MORGAN. AMAZZZZZZZZZING!!!! We Love it!!! Keep #Rockintheplanet!!!

by #NATASHA MORGAN eyewear Maximus
Photos taken from the Steven Klein/Brooke Candy Opulence video
To view the full length video click on any of the pictures
NATASHA MORGAN eyewear Lynus and fur eyewear Ghengis
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