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What began with the search for a material that would provide freedom in
design, lightness and individual adjustability, finally resulted in the
first MYKITA MYLON collection in autumn 2011. The successful launch of
the first eyewear collection in the world made of the patented material
MYLON established a new product segment in the eyewear market: created
for use in sports, all models in the MYKITA MYLON collection are both
sportswear and accessories at the same time.
Winning the iF Material Awards in 2011 and the intensive work on the
material was the spur for the groundbreaking development of the first
MYKITA MYLON correction line.
The outstanding characteristics of this material are made for everyday
wear – it is extremely light, it can be individually adapted and is
extremely comfortable on the head. All this makes MYKITA MYLON correc-tion glasses the perfect companion for every day.
The dogma of the design process was to make all of the models as light-weight as possible.
phoenix Imperial Purple, pluto British Racing Green
The resulting frames are characterised by a minimal rim thickness. The
design of the glasses partly stays true to the sporty character of the
first MYKITA MYLON collection, but at the same time some models were
created to link classic and modern design.

PELOT and BASKY interprets the traditional round and oval-round panto
shape for the present, making a cutting-edge, contemporary frame out of
their historical predecessors from the thirties in combination with the
material MYLON.

The model PANTARA continues the sporty and futuristic look of the MYKITA
MYLON collection and translates the previous MYLON aesthetic into the new
correction collection.

PHOENIX and PLUTO are available as both sun and correction frames. Modern
and classic at the same time, both glasses are the perfect embodiment of
everything that defines MYKITA MYLON: the combination of the advantages
of a lightweight, flexibly adaptable correction frame for every day with
all the necessary features of sports glasses.
All MYLON frames are available in the new colours British Racing Green,
Imperial Purpleand Ocean Blue, and can be purchased in the MYKITA shops
and selected opticians from October.


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