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#Motochrono a collaboration between #MrJonesWatches
motochrono a collaboration between Mr Jones Watches I wanted to let you know about motochrono a collaboration between Mr Jones Watches and custom motorcycle creators Untitled Motorcycles. On this watch a moving frieze shows a day in the life of Untitled Motorcycles as they take an old neglected bike and breathe new life into it before riding off into the night.

motochrono was produced by Mr Jones Watches in our London workshop, we worked really hard to pack all the tiny details onto the dial. The watch is powered by a mechanical automatic movement which means it has no batteries and no digital technology. Just like a motorbike engine it can be stripped down, serviced and reassembled to keep it running for a lifetime.

The time display on motochrono is unconventional: the position of the motorbike headlight or brake light in the crescent shape points to the the hour. The minute and seconds hands are displayed on the centre dial and run in the conventional manner.

The markers and the centre dial are inspired by classic speedometers made by Smiths, who by happy coincidence also manufactured a line of watches. Even the strap was created especially for this watch with the transversal stitching echoing the padding on a motorcycle seat.

Mr Jones Watches is the cult watch brand from London. We believe that a watch should do more than just tell the time: it should make you think, start a conversation or simply make you smile. Our products are designed by Crispin Jones and are conceived and executed following his singular vision.

Please visit our website www.MrJonesWatches.com to see our full range.

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