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Moda 360: An Art and Fashion Event Announcing our VIP Ambassador Audrey SmalzModa 360, taking place at The Carriage House Center for the Arts in New York City, June 30 - July 1, is bringing together art, fashion and video for a new concept in fashion presentation. We are you to get involved!  Promote the event - we will give you tickets as a special giveaway for your followers, and give you amazing content for your media outlet.  And join the social media conversation - #moda360!   


Designers from the US, UK, Italy, Colombia, Dubai and other countries will present their work through exhibits and unique runway presentations in the art gallery setting of The Carriage House.  A special collective runway presentation will be styled by celebrity stylist Melissa Laskin, combining pieces from the participating collections for looks with attitude.  The theme of this special presentation is a quote from Laurel Ulrich Thatcher, "Well behaved women rarely make history."


Moda 360 is thrilled to announce VIP Ambassador Audrey Smaltz. Ms. Smaltz has an illustrious career in fashion, beginning as a model, then transitioning her behind the scenes knowledge of the industry into the first fashion backstage company, The Ground Crew. Audrey has worked with all the major fashion houses, providing back of the house services to ensure that the runway shows run seamlessly. She has been recognized by industry for her professional support of designers and her incredible personal style. Audrey Smaltz is an inspiration to independent designers, and Moda 360 is honored to welcome her to the front row of the runway presentations.


Moda 360 was created to give independent designers promotion and support outside of the fashion calendar, giving them an innovative platform to present their collections to an audience that might miss them during busy fashion and market weeks. Moda 360 is committed to supporting emerging artists in all media, featuring the videos of international filmmakers at the event, on the Moda 360 website and video channels.Videographers from the UK and Colombia are collaborating with participating designers to create films featuring Moda 360 designers.


Moda 360 brings a charitable element to the lineup with a special cocktail reception on June 30 benefiting Friends of the Congo, an organization promoting awareness of the conflict affecting the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and also the spirit and power of the Congolese people as they overcome adversity and strengthen the economic and social structure of their country and their national culture.

For more information about the event, cocktail reception and after party, visit the website www.moda360intl.com. Fashion professionals may register to attend on the website, and links for tickets for the public events are available through the website as well. 

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