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Me and my UR-210
The UR-210, my new automatic watch, my new mechanical companion. Much more than normal watch, the UR-210 lives at my own pace  and it proves that to me hour after hour. It draws its energy from my pulse and adjusts itself to my pace. Never has a timepiece displayed such feedback and attachment to its owner.

6.00amThe alarm clock has not yet gone off, but I'm already awake. I fumble around on the dresser in the dark for my UR-210. I put it on my wrist.

Power reserve: 55%. Winding efficiency: red. I check
that the winding setting on the back is set to FULL.

7.00am – The house is gradually waking up. I just
have time to read the latest news online, reply to the first 5 or 6 emails of
the day sent from Asia. The day begins peacefully.

Power reserve: 53%. Winding efficiency: red.

9.00am – I arrive at the office by bike and park it at
the entrance of the atelier. Today, it has taken me 45 minutes along the
lakeside road to the centre of Geneva; thankfully there wasn’t much traffic. I must
have burned at least 500kcal, at least I hope have.

Power reserve: 75%. Winding efficiency: green.

11.00am – I am now at my bench and working on our next
collection. My actions are measured and precise. I insert a ruby. I adjust the
last gear. Time slows down and feels stretched.

Power reserve: power reserve indicator has gone down and is now around 70%. Winding efficiency:  red.

1.00pm – I’m pacing up and down in the conference room and holding the
bezel of the new UR-110. I don’t think it is totally ready yet. The brushed
finish of the bezel seems perfect, but maybe we still need to work on its
thickness: If it is too fine, and the bezel seems sucked in and disappears into
the case. I take my phone, call Martin Frei and we embark on one of our
marathon phone conversations. P
ower reserve: 90%. Winding efficiency: green.

3.00pm – In front of my computer examining Martin’s latest designs. I then take my turn
to scribble down some ideas my vision of the watch.

Power reserve: 100%. Winding efficiency: green. I adjust the automatic winding setting on the back to REDUCED.

4.00 pm – I put my manager’s cap back on and sit
behind my screen. I reply to emails and then call our agent in Hong Kong who
has recently been in contact with actor Jackie Chan. The martial arts legend
seems to be a fan of our watches and would like to wear a UR-202 in his next
film. Cool! Power Reserve: 100%. Winding efficiency: neutral.

6.30pm – I jump on my bike again to head towards
"home sweet home”. This is a good time for me to clear my head and forget any
worries or hassles. This transitional moment between the office and home is
indispensable to me and soothing.

Power reserve: 95%. Winding efficiency: red. I adjust the automatic winding setting on the back to STOP. My UR-210 is now on manual winding.

9.00pm – After playing with my daughters, calm returns to the house. I sit on the sofa next to my wife, glass of wine in hand. The day has come to an end and it’s almost time for bed.

Power reserve: 89%. Winding efficiency: in the red. I adjust the automatic winding setting on the back to FULL.

11.00pm – Lights out
Power reserve: 100%. Winding efficiency: green.
UR-210 AlTiN - Technical Specifications

Titanium and AlTiN

Width 43.8mm,
length 53.6mm, thickness 17.8mm

Sapphire crystal

Water resistance
Surface finishes
Satin finish
Swiss lever
28,800v/h, 4Hz
Balance spring
Power source
Single mainspring barrel
Power reserve
39 hours
Winding system
Self-winding coupled to turbines
Plate in ARCAP P40; 3D minute hand in aluminum with brass counterweight; central cylindrical spiral in spring-steel; hour satellites in aluminum; central carrousel and screws in Titanium Grade 5.
Surface finishes
Circular graining, sandblasted, circular and straight satin-finished plate; satin-finished and diamond-polished satellites; beveled and polished screw heads.
Patented revolving satellite complication with wandering
hour and three-dimensional retrograde minute hand; power reserve indicator;
winding efficiency indicator (patent pending).
Super-LumiNova treatment on markers, dials,
indexes, hands, and satellites
Two-position winding
On the back: winding efficiency selector
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