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#MB&F : Sports cars, on the wrist or flying in mid-air
What's the ultimate colour for a sports car? Sure, red looks fantastic on a Ferrari, there’s something irresistible about an orange or green Miura from the 1970s, and a true Jaguar should be racing green… But black always looks great – there’s something utterly cool and sleek about it, and it never goes out of style.

So I guess black was a natural next step for our supercar-inspired HM5, nicknamed ‘On the Road Again’. For this specific timepiece however, because the HM5 case features a lot of exposed surfaces and bold angles, we wanted to avoid the usual PVD treatment which covers most black watches on the market today. Those PVD treatments are in fact a thin black coating, applied over a metallic case… and when you scratch that coating, the material below appears in a rather unsightly way.

We therefore searched for a material that was not just black on the surface, but black throughout. We also wanted light weight, high density, strength and hardness. Even more importantly, it needed to be compatible with the various finishings we apply to our Machines – brushed, polished, satin-finish... The problem was, that material didn’t exist. So we decided to develop it.

That’s where a new Friend comes in. Together with a very innovative developer of polymers, Injector SA, we came up with ‘CarbonMacrolon’. The second half of that name comes from Makrolon®, a revolutionary polymer invented in 1963 by Bayer – and used in certain watches from the 1970s. But we added carbon nanotubes… and those tubes are what make this material much tougher and harder – comparable to stainless steel – and allow us to apply those finishes we cherish. The result is a much harder, robust, richer-looking case. It’s not boring matte black, but emits a range of black hues by capturing and reflecting light in various ways, much like the bodywork of a beautiful sports car.

This new edition retains the features which have made HM5 a success : an automatic movement combining mechanical and optical engineering, with the time displayed vertically thanks to a sapphire-crystal optical grade prism ; a dual-case construction comprising external bodywork plus an internal water-resistant compartment ; and the famous « light convector » flaps. These allow you to increase the amount of light flowing into the case, to charge the Super-LumiNova on the jumping hour and minute discs.

By the way, this CarbonMacrolon limited edition (66 pieces) is in fact the Final Edition of the HM5 series, which first hit the road in 2012 with the original Zirconium variant, followed by the ‘RT’ (Red gold and Titanium) edition in 2013. You may wonder why we’re stopping a successful Machine? Simply because creativity is what drives us at MB&F – and we therefore always put our Machines to rest after a few years, to concentrate our forces and resources on creating the next ones !

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