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MB&FThose two words mark the final instalment of our longest-standing, most diverse and prolific family to-date: Horological Machine No.3. Launched in 2009, that family has seen no less than 19 different variations, ranging from the original HM3s and the second-generation MEGAWINDs, to the JWLRYMACHINE created with Boucheron, through the various FROG variants, all the way to Stepan Sarpaneva and his MoonMachine iterations.

Today we present the HM3 MEGAWIND FINAL EDITION, limited to 25 pieces.

HM3 has always been about contrasts and this MegaWind is no exception, since it features one of the most striking contrasts of all: light and darkness. Its black PVD 18K gold case comes to life in the night: thanks to the skilled hands of an exceptional artisan, the 3-dimensional hour and minute cones have been enhanced with the brightest, purest, most powerful Super-LumiNova on the market today: GL C3 Grade A.
And for a bit of added kinetic activity, the oversized rotor of this new MegaWind creates a stroboscopic effect when it spins, hiding and revealing a band of Super-LumiNova positioned just underneath.

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