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La galerie Alberto Linero à Miami expose Maurice Renoma jusqu'au 31 mars prochain. Spontaneous, intuitive, sensual, provocative… Maurice Renomaʼs photographs are a subtle mix that
the artist manipulates with grace and boldness. World-renowned stylist, stage designer, and photographer, he is an accomplish artist. From his childhood in the post World War Two Paris to his immensely famous high fashion store, Renoma represents the blessed years of the Ye-Ye movement in France: full of airiness, joy,  glamour.  Maurice  Renoma  revived  Franceʼs  drowning  fashion  scene,  turning  Paris  into  the  style landmark it is today.

Besides his undeniable role in fashion that allowed him to cater to icons such as Salvador Dali, Serge
Gainsbourg, Picasso, Brigitte Bardot, Andy Warhol, Karl Lagerfed, and many more, Maurice Renoma is the creator of his own artistic movement: “Modographe” (fashiongrapher).

For him, everything is an art form. The artist merges fashion, the human body, and photography to create a hybrid body of work. Maurice  Renoma  cherishes  the  use  of  white  and  black  400  Asa  photographic  films  that  give unique textures to his prints and accentuates his cinematic style.
The  exhibition  “Modographe”  at  Alberto  Linero  Gallery will  present  several  photographs,  mostly  from  the 90ʼs, but also some avant-garde designed furniture. Capturing his spontaneity and sense of freedom, the gallery will display some of his most brilliant work through the 2,000 square space.

Maurice Renomaʼs work is not only aesthetically pleasing; it is also conceptually brilliant and incredibly well executed. “Modographe” will be, without any doubts, the event not to miss in Miami in early 2015. Please join us for this interesting retrospective of Maurice Renoma. The exhibition will highlight the work of an artist who sees fashion as an art form and who knows how to capture the charm of a distracted eye glanced.

Alberto Linero Gallery is located in the heart of Miamiʼs Wynwood Arts District, and shows work
by established and emerging artists from all over the world.


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