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Martinez Lierah | Automne - Hiver 2013
Paris  based  designers  Daniel  Lierah  and  Arturo  Martinez  established  their
studio in 2010. Creating sophisticated womenswear and limited edition shoes
with  a  certain  hidden  raw  edge,  Martinez  Lierah  connects  the  unlikely  and
finds  beauty  in  the  odd.  Through  thoughts  and  feelings,  the  designers
experiment  with  unconventional  fabrics  and  silhouettes,  questioning  the
expected.  Having  a  strong  heritage  in  shoe  design  it  is  only  likely  that
Martinez  Lierah  creates  the  ultimate  women’s  shoe  blending  these  elements
together. The womenswear collection remains delicate with a dash of vibrant
colors and clean architectural cuts.
Martinez Lierah AW13-14
For  the  AW13-14  season,  Martinez  Lierah  finds  inspiration  in  the  statues  of  Berlinde  de
Bruyckere  and  the  bunkers  of  Cabourg.  The  idea  of  physically  moving  a  person  without
their consent, only to develop an extraordinary rare relationship, often denominated as the
Stockholm  syndrome.  Martinez  Lierah  studies  this  paradoxical  love  story  and  focuses  on
the  positive  aspect  of  this  phenomenon.  The  collection  tries  to  capture  the  intense  and
fragile moment when two people become one, and the captor becomes a symbol of hope.
Who  is  imprisoned?  As  they  both  need  each  other  to  survive.  When  one  believes  in  the
same values, the threat turns in to love.
For  this  collection  Martinez  Lierah  used  modern  neoprene,  neon  crepe  and  exclusively
designed wools. The edges are laser cut, resulting in the designers’ raw yet subtle signature
look. The materials are tailor-made in the Martinez Lierah atelier in Paris, transforming the
finest  fabrics  and  experimenting  with  materials  often  destined  for  shoe  making.  For  the
shoes  Martinez  Lierah  uses  hand  picked  Italian  leathers  combined  with  Plexiglas  and
innovative high-tech materials. Colors for this season are: Beige, black and neon yellow.

Martinez Lierah | Automne - Hiver 2013
Martinez Lierah | Automne - Hiver 2013
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