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Martin Parr Vu au Bon Marché"

Le Bon Marché group chooses the look of artiste Martin Parr to tell. He directed, in the photographic style of its own, moments of life at the heart of its stores. Renowned photojournalist Martin Parr puts his observation finesse serving a collection details of faces and situations for a touch of authenticity and derision.

These images illustrate, with a touch of irreverence, stories and experiences of amateurs all stripes, design enthusiasts to Beauty addicts of gourmets with crazy clothing, of great sportsmen to avid readers, explorantet strolling in the shops of the street Sèvres.

A pioneer and inventor of the department stores, Le Bon Marché and continues the tradition of artistic collaborations and reiterates here close and valuable links with the world of art and culture.

"Since its invention in 1852 by visionary inspired Aristide Boucicaut, Le Bon Marché knew harmoniously blend art and culture to fashion, design, beauty, gastronomy to the delight of our customers. Artists and designers are our special guests. Entrust the campaign shifted and incisive look of Martin Parr is a beautiful demonstration " emphasizes Patrice Wagner, CEO Groupe Le Bon Marché.

New communication area designed by BETC Luxe, the stamped campaign Given the Good
Market will be revealed on March 2nd on the occasion of the opening of the new space shoes Good Market and will appear in the subway, bus shelters and kiosks Paris. Then the following week, a new image will be unveiled for the days' Super Cheap ". Such a saga, Martin Parr and sign a series of campaigns "Given the Bon Marché" or "Seen La Grande Epicerie "which will support each time fortsde store throughout the year. "With such a campaign is anchored Le Bon Marché in his city and his time is done a brand that, in the words of the founder Aristide Boucicaut, 'sells desire him same '"said Brown Buonomano, Deputy Director of BETC Luxe.

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