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Manebí conquering the feet of the World
The Manebí Spring/Summer 2013 Collection consists of nine lines, each
inspired by a different venue that influences its tones and style: Panarea, La
Havana, Ibiza, Dakar, St. Tropez, Hamptons, Capri, Antigua, London.

I.  Panarea - Cotton Twill: Classic and natural colours with a contrasting
finish. Inspired by the Aeolian lifestyle in being in close contact with the

II.  Havana - Stonewashed Canvas: Vintage model with faded fabrics and
colours. The delavèfabrics create a "used” effect.

III.  Ibiza  - Stonewashed Canvas: Fluorescent tones. Recalls the
extravaganza and the stimulating life of the Balearic Island.

IV.  Dakar - Printed Cotton: Camouflage prints in Green and Beige shades.
Imagining to be part of the adventurous competition in the desert.

V.  St. Tropez -Tailored Fabrics Produced by Solbiati: Model enriched by
the use of fine prestigious cotton, made in Italy.

VI.  Hamptons - Suede: Model inspired by the traditional moccasin.

VII.  Capri  - Embroidered Suede: Model with embroidered patterns
customised for the traditions of Capri and the Amalfi Coast.

VIII.  Antigua - Embroidered Suede: Model with embroidery created to evoke
the history of the Caribbean islands.

IX.  London - Suede with Studs: Model brought to life by the underground
and rock style concept of London.

Manebí Espadrilles are hand-made by expert Spanish craftsmen, featuring a
centenarian tradition of production. The production consists of several
phases: From the sewing of the sole in natural jute to the final details of the
upper. All stages of production are carried out in the region of La Rioja, a
well-known district thanks to its proven excellence in the manufacturing of
espadrilles. The fabrics used are carefully selected among the most
renowned Italian and European producers. To this end, Manebí’s style office
is constantly engaged in the research of natural fibre materials, such as
cotton and linen, with colours, prints and finishes that are up to date with new
trends, whilst always respecting its brand identity and philosophy.

Manebí Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

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