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Macy’s enter in your four-year renovation of Herald Square
The second phase of Macy’s four-year renovation of Herald Square will mark key milestones in the epic transformation of The World’s Largest Store as the retailer today unveils its 2013 plans for its company flagship. Phase Two will see the completion of the Main, Mezzanine and second floors of the store bridging both the Broadway and Seventh Ave. buildings by holiday 2013. For the first time in the store’s history, the windows along Seventh Ave. will showcase dramatic views into the store and the Mezzanine Level will link the 34th and 35th St. sides of the Broadway Building, providing a seamless shopping experience for customers. A redesigned cosmetics and fragrances department, along with a reimagined Men’s Store, relocated Visitor Center, and the re-opening of the Memorial Door entrance on 34th St. will create the most striking architectural and aesthetic changes to the interior and exterior of the iconic flagship.
A reconfigured floor plan will make navigating between buildings easier and establish a new foundation for department upgrades and vendor shop introductions. Plans for 2013 include the following departments and categories of business:

Broadway Building
  • Cosmetics and Fragrances including a new Impulse Beauty Shop
  • Fashion Jewelry
  • Designer Handbags and Accessories
  • Restoration of the Memorial Door entrance on 34th St.
  • New Visitor Services Center – Mezzanine Level
Seventh Avenue Building
  • Fine and Fashion Watches – Main Floor
  • Men’s Dress Furnishings – Main Floor
  • Men’s Fragrances and Skincare – Main Floor
  • Restoration of the Seventh Ave. and 34th St. Entrance
  • Men’s Traditional and Collection Sportswear – Second Floor
Cosmetics and Fragrances
Redesigned with four new curved staircases, the makeover will be complete as a newly expanded Mezzanine Level and the addition of two new escalators to the existing center escalator banks will reimagine the Main Floor. These architectural accents and structural elements will set the stage for a spectacular retail showpiece for women’s cosmetics and fragrances. New prestige brands will be introduced making Macy’s Herald Square the destination in the country for beauty. Additionally, Macy’s award-winning Impulse Beauty concept will be expanded to include blow-dry bars and new beauty experiences. Women’s fragrances will move into its new location on the 35th St. side of the Broadway Building, marking a new era for the Fragrance Bar at the World’s Largest Store. Video components, including a 7’ by 10’ LED screen, will set the backdrop for exciting fragrance and cosmetics launches.
Men’s fragrances and skincare will occupy the corner of Seventh Ave. and 35th St. in a newly-designed outpost devoted to men’s prestige and designer brands and an all-new Art of Shaving shop. For the first time, store windows along Seventh Ave. will allow views from the sidewalk onto the spacious selling floor.

The Men’s Store
The Seventh Ave. Building will see the expansion of the Men’s Store with added square footage, new collections and leased shops that will dedicate approximately 200,000 square-feet in the World’s Largest Store to men’s apparel and accessories. Dress furnishings, active wear, casual sportswear, traditional and contemporary collections will take over several floors within the store with Men’s eventually adding two extra floors by the end of the renovation project.

Macy’s Visitor Center
A top tourist destination, the Visitor Center at Macy’s Herald Square will be remodeled and enhanced with new technology to serve international travelers in their native languages. Touchscreen kiosks will provide guests the latest updates on special events, promotions and merchandise at Herald Square as well as information on attractions, entertainment and dining in New York City.
Significant changes to the Broadway Building were introduced during the first phase of the remodel in 2012. The unprecedented renovation introduced to shoppers The World’s Largest Shoe Floor and the Herald Square Café on the second floor. A new Luxury Hall refashioned the majestic Broadway Building showcasing multi-level shops by Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry and Longchamp, creating a visually stunning and spectacular entrée to the Main Floor.
With ceilings raised to the store’s original height of 19-feet, the Main Floor features a one-of-a-kind Coach shop designed by the renowned architect Rem Koolhaas featuring multifunctional units made of clear glass and acrylic, alongside digital walls that shift from videos to mirrors with the swipe of a consumer’s hand. A state-of-the-art accessories shop from Michael Kors features Kors Concierge, an in-store, omnichannel experience combining a styling component with digital interactivity. Both Coach and Kors shops were introduced last year in addition to new shop installations for Dooney & Bourke and Lauren Ralph Lauren.
Additional changes from the first phase of the renovation included the complete remodel of the Main Broadway and 35th St. entrances with stunning digital screen features. Windows on the Mezzanine, second and sixth floors overlooking Broadway were reopened to let natural light filter in. The completion of the first phase culminated with the grand opening in early March of Stella 34 Trattoria, a modern Italian restaurant and bar located on the sixth floor of the store with spectacular views of Broadway and 34th St. Adjacent to the restaurant is the only U.S. outpost of Florence, Italy’s, famous gelateria, Vivoli Il Gelato. Transforming a former stockroom space into a sleek, new dining destination for the first time in the store’s history, Macy’s ongoing renovation of Herald Square is a testament to the power of Macy’s flagship redefining the retail experience.

Macy’s enter in your four-year renovation of Herald Square

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