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Luxury Travel and the Great Call of China
Destinations such as Australia, UK and America need to understand how to service the premium traveller, if they want luxury travel business from any of China's one million millionaires.

While bricks and mortar travel agents in the West provide the "main course" for the travel industry in the West, the main course for China is increasingly online, with Weibo and Wechat social media referral sites now driving massive amounts of travel related business.
The Luxperience Thought Leaders panel of six speakers agreed that the West needs to better understand the decision making process among China's travellers, including the role of women and extended families. Newly rich male executives may earn it, but their wives and girl friends often spend it.

Research has to be online, in Chinese and easy to use on mobile devices too.
Clement Wong, the founder of BeMyGuest.travel told the audience that Chinese and Asian luxury travellers spend so much time in traffic jams that travel companies now must have websites that look good and function well on tablets and smart phones from the back of a car. Only then will they get their share of China's outbound travel market, that Xu said amounted to 83 million international trips each year.
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