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LUX* Resorts & Hotels opens LUX* Lijiang

Having recently unveiled LUX* Tea Horse Road as the cornerstone of its expansion in China, LUX* Resorts & Hotels is delighted to announce the opening of boutique hotel LUX* Lijiang today, September 9, 2014.

Located at the heart of the Ancient Town of Lijiang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, LUX* Lijiang captures the essence of the extraordinary Shangri-La region, an unspoiled landscape in history-steeped western China. Sheltered by the traditional timber-frame structures of Naxi architecture, rooms are luxurious and contemporary, with views over tranquil courtyards and picturesque rooftops. Fusion Naxi cuisine is on offer in the restaurant; in the tea house, guests can linger and sample some of the best Pu’er teas of the region.

At the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, LUX* Lijiang makes a lighter and brighter base for those seeking off-the-beaten-track adventures. Personalised excursions invite guests to experience the region in depth –a holiday to stimulate mind, body and soul. Explore nature trails on foot, on bikes and on horseback and learn about tea ceremonies inspired by the tales of the Tea Horse Road. Dedicated LUX* tour guides can even arrange a private audience with genuine Dongba Shamans, China’s forgotten priests.

Inspired by age-old traditions, LUX*’s award-winning take on luxury sets the tone in the hotel. Embark on a treasure hunt around the Ancient Town. Experience an authentic tea ceremony in the Tea House. The Cha Ma Dao Library invites you to discover a fascinating culture, or to share stories of your adventures with free international phone calls from the vintage telephone displayed in the library. Learn how to write Dongba pictograms, explore the Tea Horse Roads original pathways on horseback and climb soaring mountain peaks on tailor-made treks.

The opening of LUX* Lijiang marks the start of an exciting new circuit of distinctive stays - the LUX* Tea Horse Road –developed in partnership with Lijiang Yulong Tourism Corporation Limited. This unique journey through the Yunnan and Szechuan provinces will put the Greater Shangri-La region firmly on the map of discerning globetrotting travellers.

As a young and dynamic organisation, we have determined to grow our brand presence in China and to open a window onto one of China’s most spectacular and untouched wonders: the Tea Horse Road. Thanks to our partnership with the Lijiang Yulong Tourism Corporation Ltd., this ambition will become reality.

In a comparatively short time, we have built a strong and growing Chinese customer base for our existing operations in the Indian Ocean. Our intention now is to create the journey of a lifetime for these guests in this most special part of their home country. My personal goal is to ensure we offer to all our guests the opportunity to become part of an exclusive, happy and harmonious hotel family. I am confident that we can achieve that within the beautiful world of LUX* in China.

To mark the occasion, Yulong Tourism Corporation called upon the renowned Master Calligrapher He Zhigang to illustrate this memorable moment. His graceful brush proceeded to depict the alliance between Yulong Tourism Corporation and LUX* Resorts and Hotels.  From the Mountain to the Sea, working together and holding hands towards success and prosperity.


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