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"Love is in the air" jewels sing Carmen Miranda
Just in time for Valentine's Day, "LOVE IS IN THE AIR" collection inspired by the fabulous 1940's Hollywood star Carmen Miranda.
A dazzling celebration of playful color, light and love ...
This collection offers precious hand-made porcelain heart pendants, glamourous larger-than-life stacked cubic zirconian necklaces, gold ceramic and silk Mokuba ribbons goddess head pieces and much more ...
All items available for immediate shipment.
Limited quantities available.

Valentines collection 2013...........
Pastel Necklace
stacked cubic zirconia with GF metal and silk Mokuba rope
Clarity earrings
Aqua glass stone, hand made ceramic beads,
gold fill wire!
Bold necklace
white c.z. stones, gold fill wire and chain
Heart and Soul necklace
C.Z. and glass stone with gf chain and wire!
Hottie earrings
C.z. stones in hot pink and fire red, with gf
Royal Bangle
Cotton thread, wrapped with gf wire and
various beads of ceramic and c.z stones.
The inside is wrapped with silk velvet ribbon
in brilliant magenta.!
Dazzel Pendant
handmade ceramic gold pendant with c.z.
stones and gold plated heart chain!
Hearts Pendant
handmade ceramic white pendant with
bronze hearts and gold plated heart chain
Imperfect Love Pin
Handmade ceramic white pendant with a
bronze heart that read’s LOVE!
Beans Necklace
Bronze bead shaped chain with swarovski
crystal discs. Sterling silver chain.!
Baby Love Pendant
Handmade ceramic heart tied with silk
delicate ribbon, and bronze mini hearts.
gold plated chain!
Electrify head piece
Hand made gold ceramic disc’s with
rhinestone beads and gf wire head band.
Silk Mokuba ribbon in slate gray ties gently
behind the head.!
Honey dew earrings
Handmade ceramic gold beads with
swarovski pearls hang on a Gf decorative
Goddess head piece
Handmade ceramic gold beads with gf wire
twisted band and silk Mokuba ribbon in slate
grey ties at the base of the head.

Sonia Boyajian Jewelry

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For sales information, sonia@soniabstyle.com
Sonia boyajian jewels Carmen Miranda
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