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Lorenz Bäumer jewels dreams and stories that are real and luxurious
To the pinnacle of the world of luxury…in only 20 years!

A remarkable story, of a jeweler, of an artist, but most of
all, of a most unusual man.
American-born, Lorenz grew up moving from country to country
as his family followed the international postings of his diplomat father. An
upbringing spent circling the globe and discovering its diversity that exerted
a powerful influence on an artistic career..

That Lorenz loves to create is obvious early on, but in
which dimension? While he is particularly fond of architecture, as he seeks his
path, everything around him is of interest. He begins by designing furniture,
silverware and jewelry. But ultimately, it is his ambition, his passion for
precious gems, his taste for excellence that point the way – jewelry it shall be!

Then, in 1995, he takes off. He opens his showrooms
overlooking Place Vendôme, welcoming appointments in an air of intimate
privacy. In the high temples of the world of jewelry, Lorenz is a breath of
fresh air. The world’s most demanding clients are attracted and seduced by his
modern style and daring.

A lover of art -- or rather, the arts -- Lorenz is an
incorrigible collector. Paintings, sculptures, photographs and objects of all
kinds shape his world , infusing it with the emotion and color from which burst
forth the fountain of his creativity. His free time is devoted to wandering
through galleries, antique shops, museums and auction houses. Lorenz observes
and explores as he seeks to fully understand the works of his compatriot artists.

His atypical path provides him with infinite freedom and
inexhaustible sources of inspiration. With its subtle mixing of art and
technology, it is his first love, architecture, by which Lorenz is best
defined. (We mustn’t forget, after all, that he has been trained an engineer.)
He moves neither to the latest trends nor to the cardinal rules of jewelry, but
rather to a beat of innovation and surprise.

The geometric shapes and clean lines impart a resolutely
contemporary dimension to his creations. But beyond their evident modernity,
Lorenz imbues his works with a spirit of soul and authenticity. Each piece
carries its own meaning within, perceptible to those who pause to sense and
discover. Touch. Listen. Imagine. If she feels it, it is made for her. Amidst
the soft whispers of magic and alchemy, Lorenz knows when he has succeeded in
moving someone.

Women, drawn by elegance, sophistication and emotion are his
inspiration. He takes the time to feel and understand their desires and dreams,
to create the unique piece of jewelry that embodies them. He composes from
shapes, materials and stones, blending gems of rare color in infinite
associations gathered during his travels. It is this uniqueness in jewelry that
is sealed with the special touch of Lorenz Bäumer: a simple engagement ring
aglitter with diamonds, a whimsical brooch christened

"Beetle,” a bracelet shiningly revealed as "Treasure

That guests to his house may discover an unsurpassed
standard of excellence in jewelry and incomparable creations, transcending time
as they pass to future generations – this is his most ardent desire.

Welcome to another great passion, one that is more intimate
and confidential. When he needs to escape, it is to the waves, to surf. No
surprise for a born risk-taker, driven by an instinctive impulse to overcome
challenge. In the world’s most incredible locations, Lorenz Bäumer is renewed, nourishing
his imagination, drawing energy from the force of the sea. For him, it is his
luxury: Freedom. Space. Time.

Lorenz loves to share his memories and emotions with his
team. It is not only being an entrepreneur that he takes to heart, but also
transmitting his know-how and passion, lived out each day in his creative
studio. His obsession with high standards and precision is demanded equally
from his employees. Rigorous development for the new generation, perpetuating the
traditions of luxury "à la française” and the mastery of the art of jewelry…and
the passing on of his legacy.

Twenty years after, with more than 6,000 works created, a
new chapter will begin in 2013 for Lorenz Bäumer. Into the heart of the arena,
the apex of the world’s jewelry, a new boutique will be dedicated at 19 Place
Vendôme. A space that is a reflection of the creator’s very soul. Welcoming,
accessible, closer to his customers and sharing the luxury experience with all.
Lorenz likes to say that,

"Every man is the architect of his own destiny."

His own and his house’s are sailing forth to new horizons.

Maison Lorenz Bäumer Jewelry

Lorenz Bäumer - 4 place Vendôme - 75 001 Paris


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