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LOR the fashion is forever elegant and special
LOR was founded in Milan in 2011 by Laura and Rosa Castelbarco, two
cousins who share a unique passion for fashion.
Fabric selection, product knowledge, and innovation are the most
valuable aspects.

Our mission is to provide customers high quality dresses 100% Made in
Italy. Fabrics come from state of the art mills in the country and
production is done accurately in the best ateliers in Milan. Fashion
is constantly in evolution and represents different moods and

Our innovative approach consists in giving the possibility to clients
to either choose directly from regular collections or to have a custom
made service: your dress will be unique in time!

Communication and interaction with customers are strictly necessary.
This is shown by our idea to create for each spring/summer collection
a contest that gives the possibility to customers to choose between
three different models which one they prefer to add to the collection.

Creating dresses which are always up to date is in LOR´s spirit.
We believe that less is more!



 LOR was founded in Milan in 2011 by Laura and Rosa Castelbarco
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