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Look through the war photographer's lens by @Tate
Tate Shots: Don McCullinCan the camera speak for victims and casualties of war? This is the question asked by Don McCullin and war photographers across the world.

From the immediate trauma of war in the eyes of Don McCullin’s Shell-shocked US Marine to the destruction of buildings and landscapes documented by Simon Norfolk's Afghanistan: Chronotopia, explore the passing of time through over 150 years of conflict, since the invention of photography. View the legacy of war as artists and photographers have captured it in retrospect. 

Give the joy of Tate this mother's day Albert Serra: Divine Visionaries and Holy Fools

Lucy Howarth on Marlow Moss

Nick Waplington/Alexander McQueen: Working Process

Albert Serra: Divine Visionaries and Holy Fools

Tate Modern: Film series Wednesday 11 – Friday 20 March The first major survey in the UK of maverick filmmaker Albert Serra, a powerful voice in contemporary cinema. His unique films mine history to create philosophical parables blending the mythical with the everyday.
Lucy Howarth on Marlow Moss
A peer of Mondrian who settled in Cornwall, changed her name, adopted a masculine appearance and became one of Britain’s most important constructivist artists. Find out more about Marlow Moss with curator Lucy Howarth. Salt and Silver now open at Tate Britain Art and Politics now

How are artists engaging with the issues facing our world today, from globalisation, migration and citizenship to conflict, terrorism and social activism? Join Anthony Downey, author of Art and Politics Now, and artist Renzo Martens to rethink what we mean by the term ‘political’. View the unique collaboration between artist Nick Waplington and acclaimed fashion designer Alexander McQueen. Waplington’s photographs capture the creative journey of McQueen’s final Autumn/Winter collection, Horn of Plenty, revealing a raw and unpolished side of the fashion world.

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