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London Fashion Week once again once forever

Photography by Victoria Will
L O N D O N    F A S H I O N    W E E K
We have found ourselves knee-deep in London Fashion Week once
again; and loving it as always! With our scouting hats on, we are as
excited about seeing what the international showcase will bring, as well
as our home-grown talents.
M O S T   W A N T E D

Bold, vibrant and theatrical

The style of London-based fashion designers is known to be
eccentric and experimental, where anything goes. Their wares in the NJAL
online shop are reflective of this. Ùna Burke has you strapped tight in
her signature leather shoulder holster, studded and form flattering, while Claudia Ligari adds a more minimal yet equally striking
style to the mix, with an ivory and white panelled long shift dress. East London's Fanny And Jessy work a classic denim jacket
with a psychedelic print in purple and blue and mint green corduroy
sleeves. And why not enhance a plain outfit with this raw and
distintinctive stainless steel scale necklace from Fannie Schiavoni. Finally, menswear label Coeuroffer a unique take on menswear
with a pop of deep red pattern and colour in a basic white shirt

Following the insights Vogue Italia's Sara Maino gave us last
week, we now turn the spotlight onto celebrity and fashion hairstylist,
Panagiotis Papandrianos. This hair expert has worked his signature style
- interesting textures with a smart twist - on many a model's head, and
discusses with us the great sense of fulfilment he finds in the
fast-paced whirlwind that is his schedule during the fashion weeks.
online shop
S H O R T  F O C U S :    L O N D O N

Batson by Bianca Batson

Bianca Batson feels right at home in rainy London, having
chosen to live here over her hometown of sunny Brisbane in Australia.
With a background in Fine Arts and Business, she is now studying
womenswear design at Central Saint Martin's. There is a lot of depth
behind her subtle, minimalistic style and trademark triangle silhouette.
With her latest collection launched recently in our online shop, we are
very excited to follow her progression over the seasons to come.

  online shop
B L A C K   S H E E P   D U   J O U R

Sasu Kauppi, Helsinki

Sasu Kauppi is a Helsinki-based fashion designer who
graduated from an MA at Central Saint Martins in 2011. In his graduate
collection, sportswear was given a new spontaneous and raw form, and it
went on to receive notable recognition from the British fashion press.
His aesthetic is spontaneous and playful. The contrast is even further
highlighted through Kauppi’s use of saturated colors, over-exaggerated
proportions and playful details.

online shop

T H E   N J A L   D I A R Y   S U G G E S T S

Milan Fashion Week

The fashion presentations continue in Milan from 20-26
February. Presenting a huge program of runway shows, after-parties and
off-schedule events with the aim of promoting Italy's small and big labels to the world.

Press/image NAJAL
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