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LG Fashion Week Beauty by L‟Oréal
Nesta temporada, a LG Beauty Fashion Week by L "Oréal Paris calendário é Canada Cool. Entre dois Espaçoes para apresentação personalizada e um calendário repleto de Canadá "s mais estabelecidos e designers de moda mais promissor.
Da Primavera 2012 mostra estão sob as tendas, mas certamente não sob o radar.

A sala de Pista, com capacidade para 700 + e uma passarela de 90 metros, é o cenário perfeito para casas de moda experiente para apresentar suas mais recentes coleções. Ao longo do evento de cinco dias, este grande palco será o anfitrião daemostra numerosas,

incluindo Joe Fresh, Tartan-de-rosa e Gagnon Denis e fornecer uma plataforma para muitos na semana "s mais esperada dos designers.

O Studio fornece um lugar para designers para expressar sua criatividade, apresentam suas coleções em um formato não-tradicional e

personalizado, atendendo suas apresentações para a sua própria visão artística. Apresentando no estúdio: Judith & Charles, Klaxon e Juma,
entre outros. Com uma capacidade máxima de 350 e um layout flexível, os clientes podem esperar para ver coleções do Studio, em um ambiente mais íntimo.

A Primavera roster 2012 é composta por amigos, familiares e 
rostos novos
This season, the LG Fashion Week Beauty by LOréal Paris calendar is CanadaCool. October 17th – 21st will see two
custom presentation spaces and a chock-full calendar of Canadas most established and most promising fashion designers.
The Spring 2012 shows are under the tents, but certainly not under the radar.  
The Runway room, with seating for 700+ and a 90-foot catwalk, is the perfect setting for seasoned fashion houses to
showcase their newest collections. Over the course of the five-day event, this grand stage will host numerous shows
including Joe Fresh, Pink Tartan and Denis Gagnon and provide a platform for many of the weeks most anticipated
The Studio provides a place for designers to express their creativity, present their collections in a non-traditional format and
custom fit their presentations to their own artistic vision. Presenting in the studio will be Judith & Charles, Klaxon and Juma,
amongst others. With a maximum capacity of 350 and a flexible layout, guests can expect to see collections in the Studio in
a more intimate setting.
The Spring 2012 roster is comprised of familiar friends and fresh faces.
Monday, October 17th   7PM / Runway 
There’s No Place Like Holts Holt Renfrew is proud to present the opening show of LG Fashion Week Beauty by LOréal
Paris, showcasing the Spring 2012 collections of Denis Gagnon, Dennis Merotto, Jeremy Laing, Lida Baday, Naked &
Famous, Smythe, TwentyCluny and Wings + Horns
Monday, October 17th   8PM-10PM / Studio 
Juma creates unisex, progressive ready-to-wear and accessories using its own digital prints. In 2003, the brother-sister
team set out to create contemporary clothing, which, over time, has evolved into an acclaimed unisex line inspired by their
individual and mutual love of art and travel.  
Monday, October 17th   8:30PM / Runway 
Arthur Mendonça launched his namesake collection in 2002. The Toronto-based label was greeted with immediate acclaim
and enthusiasm from the Canadian fashion scene by media, retailers and consumers alike. Internationally, Mendonça has
shown his collections in New York, Sao Paulo, London, Montreal and Los Angeles. The Mendonça brand developed a
steadfast celebrity following and has been worn by Nelly Furtado, Rihanna and Paris Hilton, to name a few. 
Monday, October 17th   9:30PM / Runway 
Lala Berlin By contrasting innovative fabrics and cutting-edge silhouettes with urban femininity, former freelance editor-
turned-designer, Leyla Piedasyesh, creates clothing that allows a womans individual style to emerge in a soft, modern way.
Born in Tehran, Iran, Piedasyesh went to Berlin in 2001 and debuted her Lala Berlin label in 2004. She instantly gained
recognition throughout Germany as the go-to brand for a cool, feminine look.
Tuesday, October 18th   1PM / Studio 
Amanda Lew Kee Born and raised in Toronto, 22-year-old Lew Kee first started designing in 2008. Lew Kee works very
closely with the entertainment industry, and has dressed Shenae Grimes, Keri Hilson and Liz Trinnear. She has also worked
with HBO's True Blood, and Deadmau5. Publications such as Flare, Nylon, Teen Vogue, i-D Magazine, Toronto Star and
the Globe and Mail have recognized Lew Kee as a "designer to watch”. 
Tuesday, October 18th   2PM / Runway 
Joeffer Caoc is a leading Canadian fashion designer known for intelligent, modern and sexy design. Born in the Philippines
and raised in Canada, Caoc launched his first label in 1995 and quickly became a favourite of music and film personalities.
His made-in-Canada collection targets women who desire longevity and fit associated with classic tailoring, but also who
seek the forward styling for which Caoc is famed. 
Tuesday, October 18th   3PM / Studio 
MICHI In a quest to fuse edgy, provocative and stylish clothing with superior athletic wear, Michelle Watson created MICHI.
Originating from New York, the stylish, yet utilitarian sportswear line combines high fashion with sport and dance. MICHI is
now designed and manufactured in Canada
Tuesday, October 18th   4PM / Runway 
Tosca Delfino With more than 10 years of international experience working in the fashion industry, Delfino launched her
own luxury women's swimwear label. As a designer, Delfino's aesthetics can be described as a colourful mix of tribal-indie-
chic that incorporates vintage concepts. Delfinos aquatic swimwear creations are depicted through her love for art and
Tuesday, October 18th   5PM / Studio 
Laura Siegel Laura Siegel is known for her ethically based creations. Her unique style has been influenced by working with
internationally known designers Megan Park, Yigal Azrouel and Luca Luca. Siegel is rapidly gaining recognition and has
been featured in Italian Vogue, Futureclaw and Raine. Siegel's thesis collection was sold exclusively in New York's designer
boutique, Debut, and was on display at Saks Fifth Avenue. She is at the forefront of the industry, creating pieces for women
with a sense of social awareness. Siegel's SS12 collection reflects her beliefs in sustainable fashion, blending soft and
textured pieces made in partnership with skilful artisans.
Tuesday, October 18th   6PM / Runway 
Mercedes Benz Start Up- 2011 National Finale
Cassie Dee started in the industry as a patternmaker and a fashion instructor before launching her own line in 2010.
Designing under her own name and producing exclusively in Canada, the Cassie Dee label appeals to a modern way of
dressing. With a strong emphasis on separates, the looks are bold but can be broken down into beautiful pieces for work
and lasting staples in a wardrobe. She creates all the patterns and samples for the line resulting in a collection of unique
details and superb fit.
MARTIN LIM is the fusion of two cultures, two worlds, but mainly the merger of two designers who proved themselves on a
national and international level; they are Danielle MARTIN and Pao LIM. Besides winning prestigious national and
international awards, Martin and Lim are devoted designers who gained valuable experience while working with
internationally renowned designers such as Christian Lacroix and Roland Mouret. Since the last few years, they perfected
their knowledge about the North American market while collaborating with well-established Canadian companies.
TRAVIS TADDEO Canadian designer Travis Taddeo launched his eponymous line in 2008 after graduating in fashion
design from LaSalle College, Montreal.  Known for his minimal lines and his use of jersey fabrics and leather, Taddeo
provokes and pushes boundaries creating a bold marriage between luxury and street wear.
Triarchy Adam Taubenfligels career started in 2007 when working in denim factories in Italy. Self-taught in all aspects of
design, he learned the art of denim construction on the factory floor and has implemented that knowledge into the creation
of Triarchy with his brother Mark and sister Ania. While working in Italy, a respect for the authentic craftsmanship and rich
history of denim was instilled in Adam. Upon returning to Canada he set out to create a brand that would pride itself on
paying homage to the history of old world denim while re-imagining it for today.
UNTTLD is the ongoing collaborative work of Montreal designers José Manuel St-Jacques and Simon Bélanger.  Their
research resides in the meticulous exploration of traditional techniques (knits, crochet, handmade silkscreen printing)
reconstructed, modernized and adapted to their very intimate idea of fashion. UNTTLD – for Untitled – alludes to
contemporary art and music. An open proposition, the ultimate type of luxury: to un-define yourself every day.  There are no
rules. No names.

Tuesday, October 18th   7PM / Studio 
Chloé comme Parris is a contemporary fashion and accessories brand based out of Toronto. Conceived in 2009 from
passion for unique, luxurious products, sisters Chloé and Parris Gordon explore historical ideas of adornment in a modern
wearable context. This seasons ready-to-wear collection aims to challenge the status quo and offer a unique, fresh
perspective on contemporary fashion.
Tuesday, October 18th   8PM / Studio 
LOVAS Wesley Badanjak is one of Canada's rising fashion stars. In 2008, after winning numerous awards and working
with various prestigious labels, he successfully launched LOVAS Wesley Badanjak. His designs are inspired by music,
literature, culture and his own upbringing as a son of Croatian immigrants in Canada. The contemporary looks are always
rooted in classic sportswear with bursts of colour, unexpected prints and feminine detailing.
Tuesday, October 18th   8:30PM / Runway 
ATTITUDE Jay Manuel In March 2011, Sears Canada entered a new phase in its fashion direction with the announcement
of Jay Manuel as the creative director for ATTITUDE Jay Manuel, its private label collection. As a respected creative
director and television personality, Manuel is well-known for his role as creative director on America's Next Top Model and
the host of Canada's Next Top Model.
Wednesday, October 19th   2PM / Studio 
Robert Graham is American-eclectic. Since its launch in 2001, Graham has brought sophisticated, eclectic style to the
fashion market. As an American-based company with the intention of inspiring a global fashion movement, Grahams
approach to design extends beyond its literal theme of cleverly and intricately mixed fabrics, trims and embroidery. This
luxury lifestyle brand is a true powerhouse, developing garment-making techniques and complex textiles that are unique to
the brand alone. Designs are inspired by various elements in time and place including vintage motifs, cultural statements in
history and awe-inspiring landmarks. 
Wednesday, October 19th   3PM / Studio 
Sig Neigum is a Canada-born, New York-based experimentalist aiming to develop new silhouettes, shapes, ideas and
feelings through fashion design and other mediums. The brand's raison d'être is to challenge convention and question
tradition. Neigum expresses an idiosyncratic vision inspired by avant-garde club culture, street fashion, music,
contemporary sculpture, architecture and math ideas, while maintaining a singularly dark esthetic.
Wednesday, October 19th   4PM / Studio 
Marie Saint Pierre Fashion designer Marie Saint Pierre established Marie Saint Pierre Design Inc. and has been
considered one of Canadas great design icons ever since. Considered an avant-garde designer, Saint Pierre is known for
her layering techniques and fluid lines, creating an imaginative juxtaposition of textures and colors. Comfort and versatility
are her two trademarks, these qualities are greatly appreciated by her main focus: todays woman. The Marie Saint Pierre
practical yet avant-garde outfits adapt perfectly to the wearer, enabling her to make a statement that is truly her own.
Wednesday, October 19th   5PM / Studio 
Klaxon Howl opened as a brick and mortar shop on Queen St. West, Toronto in 2005. Originally selling a mixture of its own house
label, select heritage brands, premium vintage and militaria. In the recent years the Klaxon Howl line has become a main focus. Year
by year it has grown in size and has become a complete men's ready-to-wear collection. Owner and designer Matt Robinson draws his
inspirations from the archives of his legendary collection of vintage militaria, workwear and sportswear of the early-mid 20th century. 
Wednesday, October 19th   6PM / Studio 
LABEL Designers Shawna Robinson and Natalie Sydoruk have been collaborating on their clothing line, LABEL, since
2009. The idea was born out of their mutual desire for quality clothing that fit their unique lifestyles. LABEL reinvents the
basics, providing essential building blocks for each seasonal wardrobe and inspiring generous styling and wardrobe play.
Label is deeply committed to creating clothing from an ethical standpoint, utilizing organic, renewable or reclaimed fibres for
their garments wherever possible.
Wednesday, October 19th   7PM / Runway 
Korhani Home Creative director Kirsten Korhani's passion for pattern and texture, combined with her vibrant imagination,
has injected a fresh perspective into traditional home décor. Korhani Homes „One & Only Rug Runway show will showcase
artistic and affordable products on the runway that have become the new statement pieces in homes around the globe.
Wednesday, October 19th   8PM / Runway 
Pink Tartan Kimberley Newport-Mimran is the co-founder, president and head designer of Pink Tartan. Newport-Mimrans
designs are elegant and sophisticated with a charm that gives each piece modern wearability. Pink Tartan is a collection of
beautifully made, practical clothes that can take women from day to dinner.
Wednesday, October 19th   9PM / Runway 
Joe Fresh Joe Fresh Creative Director, Joseph Mimran, is committed to offering women, men and children great style at a
great price. Mimran personally oversees the design and development of the extensive clothing and beauty range for Loblaw
Companies Limited, from the runway collection to everyday basics. With his sharp eye, impeccable attention to detail and
insight into emerging trends, Joe is always been on the forefront of what's next. 
Wednesday, October 19th   10PM / OFFSITE The Hoxton 
DIScONNET is a Fashion Film Event produced by the Fashion Collective that challenges photographers through the
medium of film. This season DIScONNECT: Conflict of Casualties will showcase the works of Toronto based photographers:
Miguel Jacob, Christopher Wadsworth, Adam Beck, Nickolas Luciani, Eva Michon, and Adam Levett as well as international
talent: Gabriel Gettman, Zaiba Jabbar and Marcus K. Jones. 
Thursday, October 20th   2PM / Studio 
Sarah Stevenson is a Toronto-based clothing and textile designer. After studying fashion at George Brown College,
Stevenson went on to earn her Masters degree in fashion and textile design on full scholarship at the prestigious Institute of
European Design in Milan. Stevenson is known for beautifully hand-printed patterns, intricate designs and use of ethically
and sustainable fabrics.
Thursday, October 20th   3PM / Studio 
ASHTIANI by Golnaz Ashtiani Synonymous with modernism and precision cutting, Ashtiani is a contemporary Canadian
brand based in Toronto. Designer Golnaz Ashtiani studied fashion design at the London College of Fashion in the U.K. and,
upon graduating in 2007, she went on to work for several fashion houses in London, New York and Toronto before
launching her label "Ashtiani" this April. 
Caitlin Power Born and raised in Calgary, Powers collection caters to women looking for a polished "rock and roll" feel.
Often playing with the idea of genders, her pieces convey both feminine and masculine elements while staying true to the
foundation of her line – classic silhouettes and superb tailoring.  
Thursday, October 20th   5PM / Runway 
MÉLISSA NEPTON- Fashion designer Mélissa Nepton specializes in modern, ready-to-wear couture that targets the urban
career woman. Hers is a vision that reflects both her personality and view of fashion: "For me, fashion is a vigorous
expression that impacts women's lives in a positive way. And in return, women bring to fashion a sense of sensuality, fluidity
and femininity. It's a communication rooted in comfort, practicality and confidence."
Thursday, October 20th   6PM / Studio 
KRANE Ken Chow is the founder and creative director for KRANE. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technologys
menswear program, Chow entered the market with a reinterpretation of an old classic – the mans waxed cotton leather
carry-all. Shortly after, Chow introduced the KRANE menswear line. Taking inspiration from his vintage uniforms and
industrial design, Krane is sold in upscale boutiques across North America and Asia.   
Thursday, October 20th   6:30PM / Fashion Environment 
Cynthia Rowley, the internationally renowned New York-based womenswear designer, unveils custom collection in her first
appearance in Canada. Rowley will present an exclusive collection of dresses as part of the Kellogg's Special K Start
Something Fabulous program. 
Thursday, October 20th   7:30PM / Studio 
Caroline Néron Bijoux Caroline Néron has shown there is no shortage of embellishing the natural beauty of women.
Inspired by women in all their elegance, beauty and secrets, the SS 2012 collection emerges from the divine nature of
water, air and earth. Silk, leather, wood, metal and crystals come to life in a modern and sophisticated alliance designed by
Thursday, October 20th   8:30PM / Runway 
Bustle Founded in 2002 by Shawn Hewson and Ruth Promislow (both Bay Street lawyers), Bustle Clothing is a leading
Canadian sportswear label that has become well-known for its clever twist on the menswear classics. With pieces ranging
from swimsuits to red carpet suits, Bustle offers a full range of menswear, all with a strong focus on fit, unique and luxurious
fabrics, attention to details, and of course, signature cheekiness.
Thursday, October 20th   9:30PM / Runway 
VAWK is a Canadian luxury brand that has been met with fanfare and acclaim. Reputed for its quality and exclusiveness,
VAWK designs, produces and distributes luxury goods for sophisticated and discerning women. Launched in 2004 by Sunny
Fong, the label has developed distinction for its strong and feminine silhouettes and masterful tailoring. In 2009, Fong
garnered national prominence after winning Season 2 of Project Runway Canada with his Alexander the Great-themed
finale collection. 
Friday, October 21st   1PM / Studio 
Adrian Wu Age proves to be but a number when it comes to 21-year-old Adrian Wu. Known for his use of upholstery and
unconventional design around the female silhouette, Wu started his own design company in 2010 and has already been
featured in Flare and FASHION magazines, and on Fashion Television, marking him as one to watch.  
Friday, October 21st   2PM / Studio 
Anu Raina In a span of a couple of years, Textile Designer and Artist, Anu Raina has created quite a stir in the Canadian
art and fashion scene including a successful debut at the LG Fashion Week this past April. In creating her textile prints, Anu
tends to work at a subliminal level, in layers both visually and conceptually. Her latest SS-2012 collection, Murano, inspired
by coloured glass chandeliers, is a simple play on light and colour. With peter pan collars and ditsy floral prints, her Murano
collection offers a variety of distinguishing pieces that embody movement and light. This collection celebrates the depth and
intensity of colour.
Friday, October 21st   4PM / Studio 
MICALLA is the brainchild of Danish-born designer Camilla Jørgensen. Inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of each of
her carefully selected stones, Jørgensen creates beautiful, timeless jewellery that can be worn for years to come. MICALLA
is designed and crafted in Jørgensens Montreal studio. 
Friday, October 21st   5PM / Runway 
Baby Steinberg Brazilian-born Baby Steinberg is known for bringing eco-conscious awareness to the runway. Always
inspired by her environment, Steinberg's recent experience teaching "the art of recycling” in the favelas has greatly
influenced her latest collection.  
Friday, October 21st   6PM / Studio 
Cydelic by Choryin Choryin Choi is the man behind Cydelic by Choryin, an artistic luxury brand of clothing and
accessories. Choi's background in fashion includes dual accolades from Toronto's Seneca fashion school for receiving both
the Textile Design Award and the Fashion Arts Award, as well as nabbing a much sought-after artist-in-residence position at
Seven Continents. Heavily influenced by dreams and electronic music, Choi aims to create items that show as bold, artistic
takes on a classic yet edgy aesthetic. 
Friday, October 21st   7PM / Runway 
Lauren Bagliore Lauren Bagliore (pronounced "bal-your-ray”) is no stranger to design. A graduate of the prestigious
Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Bagliore has cut her teeth at some of the worlds most renowned fashion
houses, including that of Vivienne Westwood. Bagliore upholds a fashion from the heart philosophy that influences her work,
and also drives her business. For Bagliore, fashion is not simply a vehicle for style. Its also a means of helping others. "In
my heart, I feel the desire to use my resources and talents to practically help others—that is what distinguishes what I do.”
Bagliore is just back from Asia and continually is working with organizations that fight human trafficking globally
Friday, October 21st   7:30PM / Studio 
Judith & Charles The goal at Judith & Charles is to create women's clothing that embodies modern design and
emphasizes consistent quality and impeccable fit. Producing the line in Canada has offered Judith & Charles control and
consistency, and the brand is proud to say it is tailored with love in Canada.
Friday, October 21st   8:30PM / Runway 
David Dixon Canadian born designer, David Dixon enjoys tremendous media acclaim, standing out among his Canadian
contemporaries as one of the leaders in fashion design. Recently, Dixon has expanded his successful signature collection,
and has partnered with several National and International brands to further the David Dixon label.  Collaborations with the
highly successful Town Shoes Chain have resulted in a nationally recognized David Dixon shoe line, bags and eyewear,
while partnerships with The Shopping Channel, Mattel International, and IKEA, has brought Dixon into other new and
exciting arenas. The ever-growing presence of the David Dixon brand will continue to develop in the years to come.  
Currently the David Dixon Signature Collection can be found at The Bay, Holt Renfrew, Simons, and specialty boutiques
across Canada and Internationally.
Friday, October 21st   9:30PM / Runway 
Denis Gagnon Exceptionally talented artist Denis Gagnon designs his collections with both distinction and refinement.
Known for his mastery of forms, exquisite material and eloquent use of textures and superposition, Gagnon's style never
stops evolving. His brand is available at Holt Renfrew, and earlier this year, he re-opened his flagship boutique located in
Montreals Old Port. It is with pleasure that Gagnon invites people to visit his shop at 170B Saint-Paul St. W. 
Title Sponsor LG is joined by Presenting Sponsor LOréal Paris, Founding Sponsors World MasterCard
and Korhani Home, and Official Sponsors Caesarstone, DHL, Holt Renfrew, Kelloggs Special K, Joe Fresh, Mercedes-
Benz, Lulu B Pays d'Oc., Mattel, Peroni, Rowenta, Sears, Town Shoes and Woolite; and with the participation of the
Canadian Tourism Commission.
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