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“Les Sons du Temps”… The sounds of Vacheron Constantin
Twice  a  year,  the  Maison  Vacheron  Constantin  unveils  its  historical  collections  for devotees of technical and precious Fine Watchmaking, as well as for the public at large. Each of these encounters signals the  Manufacture’s  determination to present a  particular facet  of its uninterrupted history since 1755, as well as to share its passion for creativity and precise, skilled gestures.
The  inauguration  of  the  exhibition  titled  "Les  Sons  du  Temps”  gave  Vacheron  Constantin  an opportunity to announce its partnership with "Art en Vielle-Ville” (Art in the Old Town), an initiative encompassing  several  art  and  antiques  galleries  as  well  as  cultural  institutions.  This  prestigious collective  stages  a  twice-yearly  event  in  the  form  of  an  exceptional  and  varied  immersion  into  the heart of the Old Town. From the left to the right : Heinz Forrer, President of Vacheron Constantin Switzerland, Charlotte Mailler, « Art en Vieille Ville » and Julien Marchenoir, Marketing and Heritage Director of Vacheron Constantin
What if the hammer striking the ‘bell’ or gong were in fact there to enable us to savour the sound of
silence between each chime? Perhaps the whole point of these watches is to enable us to welcome and
cultivate this exquisite parenthesis…

Vacheron constantin

by Vacheron constantin
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