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Le numéro de novembre 2014 de #VogueParis #deluxe
"This special issue highlights the beauty spectacular advanced anti-aging treatments. New protocols act kindly, are more tender skin. Suddenly, the results are more natural and more precise," wrote Emmanuelle Alt, Editor Chief of Vogue Paris, in the editorial of the November issue of 2014 in Review of new developments in the field, for a bang and a glow found. Cover the top Adriana Lima poses as figurehead of this battle allurée photographed by Mert & Marcus and protected by the crystals of neo-armor Dolce & Gabbana. A cosmetic protection, lined with wool fashion side of protective skins for smooth slide from fall to winter, under the sign fur eccentrics. Initial severity of the cold have breathed boldness. High fashion to the streets, the top Karlie Kloss hits the slopes in the backcountry, the Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey unveils its transcendent power, others dream of finding meditating around the world. Shrapnel found at all levels.


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